Here I am again

Here I am again

Thought I would update you all on progress so far. Had laser treatment on both eyes two weeks ago to get rid of the cloudiness. Great success - can see so clearly that I am spring cleaning the house! Went in for my operation on my foot last Friday. Cancelled one hour later as no one had told me to stop taking the enbrel and MTX 2 weeks beforehand! As the foot is classed as a dirty area for infection, it was explained that any infection getting in because of the virtually non existent immune system, would be very difficult to control and I could lose half my foot! Didn't want that to happen obviously. So as we go on holiday in September and there isn't sufficient time to get it in before then as it takes 4 - 6 weeks and 8 weeks before I am allowed to drive, it has been put back until after 9th October. I have to go to the surgeon's clinic again and he will then get me booked in. Hope it will be quick as don't really want to be hobbling around over Xmas. By the time I have it done, it will be a year since my GP referred me. Mainly because I didn't get the original referral papers to book the initial appt and had to ask for them after a couple of months of waiting, couldn't go in May or June as far too busy those two months and chose July and August as relatively quiet and not much on. I had expected beginning of July not the end as well.

Rheumy recommended me for Rixumitab but when I read the blurb about it, have decided not to pursue it for the time being - don't want to end up with brain problems although he explained it is so rare. Will see how I feel about it after I have had the foot done. Have let my Rheumy and GP know about the fiasco at the hospital. I know they were being cautious but you would think someone would have let me know to stop taking the drugs - it was all over my hospital notes.

Had a lovely week in Portugal at the end of June. Very hot - temperatures in the low 30s which did wonders for the arthritis. Didn't have a twinge at all. Went to Lisbon one day and the temperature was 37. We found a cafe for lunch and managed to find the only one in Lisbon which didn't have air conditioning. Didn't want anything to eat only drinks but the manager was so concerned we were not eating, he brought over rolls and cheese to share. Wasn't that kind? Had a wander around Lisbon - the one place I could happily live - and spent time going backwards and forwards on tram 28 our favourite as well as visiting the oldest brewery in Lisbon (that was the boys choice). It was air conditioned and lovely and cool after the heat outside and we had a good late lunch there. We stayed up on the coast at Cascais with the hotel overlooking the sea so we got sea breezes as well and only had to use the air conditioning in the room once. Pool and cafe bar on the 5th floor with stunning views. Lots of lovely restaurants to eat in and we found the one we had been to several times before on previous trips. Cost of train into Lisbon E9.60 return for two of us. British Rail can't compete. Spotlessly clean carriages and on time and trains every 20 minutes. Journey time 45 minutes. Why can't we do that here instead of being herded in like cattle into filthy carriages, with late trains etc.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine. Love LavendarLady

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  • Hello LL,so lovely to hear from you. Pleased you had a lovely holiday and felt better in yourself while you were there.

    What a waste of time and money went into you getting your foot done only for it to cancelled at the last minute.

    Love to you,

  • H Sylvi, hope you are well at present and finding the sun helps. LavendarLady x

  • Thats the first photo i have seen of you and i have to say you look lovely. That said i am breathing,still in pain,but hey ho could be better,could be worse.xxxx

  • It was taken at a friend's wedding. I had to crop it to get it on here but at least you can see the red hair! I found it in my documents section - had forgotten it was there.

    Sorry you are still in pain - I have flared up today with the change in the weather again so back on the Nurofen etc. MTX day today so hope that will help as well. Love LL x

  • Hi LL, your holiday sounds wonderful.....never been to Portugal but would love to go one day....everybody I know whose been have raved about it.

    So sorry to hear about the foot surprise though, it seems to be quite common all this "bodging up" they not know how to read notes!! Really hope they get it sorted for you well before Xmas.

    Take care & hope you enjoy your hols in September xx

  • P.S. Love the Turtle picture...makes me feel all calm & tranquil!

  • Hi Luthien, yes the turtles are lovely. We saw them in Zante swimming out from the island and also watched as the babies made their way down to the sea after hatching. They swim slowly, coming up for air from time to time and very restful to watch.

    If you go to Portugal try to find the less well known areas - much more peaceful - the Algarve is fine if you go west beyond Lagos - some pretty villages and good accommodation - can recommend Salema, Burgau and Praia da Luz or try west of Lisbon - bit more built up but still pretty good and lots to see. Otherwise you could try a river cruise from Oporto up to the spanish border. Now that is relaxing!

    LavendarLady x

  • Welcome back Lavender!!, my new profile pic was taken on the beach at Zante.. nic to put a name to a face for you now too x. Portugal is nice isnt it? . I havent been for may years now though x

  • That's a lovely photo Alison. I eventually found my photo on my photos of my documents. It was taken at a friend's wedding. had to crop it a bit but you can just see the red hair! Hope all well with you and family. How is your dad? Love LL x

  • Hi ll nice to see you back hols sounds fab xx

  • Hi

    Good to hear from you. I'm suprised your pre-op assessment didn't highlight the need to keep off some drugs in advance of the surgery, thought that was the whole point as well as your overall fitness for surgery check..............

    I too loved tram 28 when I had a long weekend in Lisbon in 2009

    We should blog and favourite bus routes of the world

    In London I am particularly fond of the number 12, if you've never been it's tourist heaven, you pass some great sights. Happy days

    Ronnie x

  • Number 15 is good. It is an old style routemaster & follows the tourist trail....cheaper than the special tour if you have a bus pass

  • Hi Ronnie, the drugs I am on are all over my notes with both the surgeon (at his clinic in April) and the pre op admissions nurse. No one said anything at all until the anaesthetist picked it up! Not even my rheumy mentioned it although to be fair he wasn't aware of the date until last Friday morning when I saw him for my regular 3 month check but he was aware the foot was to be done.

    Tram 28 is lovely - we rattled about on it for most of the afternoon! Up to the castle, back down and up the other side and back down again. Giggling all the time. Very childish! And at least we got a breeze when the tram was moving. LL x

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