Hello hello I'm back again

At the risk of being non pc and using Gary Glitter lyrics (wasnt her good though) I got back from our week in Scotland. It was very hard visiting the hospice but i did get a chance to say things to auntie that i wanted to say before she leaves us. Got a rubbish cold though after starting back at last on Humira (of course) So waiting on THE phone call and will have to go back up soon I suspect.

On a brighter note Katy got her PROM dress and I was very pleased with her. She didnt go for bling or showing too much flesh, she has gone for a beautiful champagne colour with antique lace and very small diamonds through the bodice. She looks like a greek angel in it! So its not till July and then i will ask her if I can put up a picture. She is growing up too fast for me.

Saturday we are doing a Tea party for NRAS! I am terrified as I don't bake, mum gave me her old bero book so hopefully i will manage, if not its a quick trip to the shops. Hope people come that i asked!!!

Oh and at last social services are going to give my mother in law full time care in her own home so thats is a weight of our minds as her confusion is worse and worse. So a bit better than the last blog and hope you are all well and pain free ( well hope!) love and hugs xx

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  • Hi Allanah i am really sorry to hear about your aunt, But she is in the best place, My mum also died in a hospice and they are the most kindest and caring people i have ever meet,

    Well my daughter is having her prom next year and has already got some dresses in mind, some are over a £100, But she does deserve it as she works really hard at school, so i better get myself back to work asap :)))) Good luck with your Tea party tomorrow, I'm sure it will go really well, It is so nice to hear that there are very caring people out there who look after our elderly Take Care Xx

  • Hi just to say sorry your having a hard time. As above Hospice are fabulous my poor Dad was in one the staff are wonderful .x

  • I am thinking of you at this hard time. Like all what has been said she is in a good place. It is so hard when family members get dementia, a friend of mine has to go up to her mothers nearly every other week and it is taking its toll on her. So i understand the relief that you feel with your mother-in-law. Proms we never had them when i went to school. You would just get thrown out into the great wide world. I do hope she lets you post a photo of her in her dress. xxx

  • To be honest ladies I feel ok so far and not too depressed about life. I think that all the things RA throws at you makes you tougher and more able to cope in the long run, I don't know if you agree. And one good thing is I have u all here for support, thanks xx

  • Sad, but good that you had time to say what you wanted. I lost a very close friend last year with no time to say goodbye, and it still hurts. Well, it would hurt anyway, but makes it worse somehow. But really sounds as if you're getting over the op well...keep it up! Px

  • It's good to hear from you again Allanah and that you had a none eventful journey home, also that you were able to say all the things that you felt you wanted to say to your Aunt. Excellant news for your mother in law and I hope the difference will enable you to have more time to you for relaxing with your RA. The dress sounds absolutely gorgeous.

    Take care xxx

  • Glad you're blogging again. Good that you managed to say what you wanted to your auntie. Hope your cold disappears before your tea party. Bero recipes can be relied on - nice and straightforward. Your daughter's prom dress sounds lovely. Hope my daughter can make a choice soon before her prom this spring. She is terrible at making decisions. I keep suggesting lovely dresses to her but it's no use.

    Caroline. x

  • I know! I deliberately didn't comment as if I Sadi I liked it , she wouldn't lol xx

  • Teenage girls eh! Never had this problem with my son.

  • I did! Designer stuff as they are club promoters , even worse !! Xx

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