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I hate to be a bother, but I am so scared (normally I am not such a baby)


I've posted a couple of times about my upcoming Anterior Cervical Fusion C4-5 and C5-6. Thanks to many of you whom replied. I truly appreciate your feedback. As suggested I contacted my rheumy by email to ask about when I should stop taking my Sulphasalazine 500 mg 2x daily and recently started (two-three weeks ago) Prednisone 5mg 1x daily and Xeljanz ER 1x daily. I was getting really nervous because while waiting about 11 days for a response I found these two online articles.



I just got a response from my rheumy's nurse today after sending another email and I was told to stop taking all the meds 1 week prior to surgery and to restart them 1 week following my surgery.

My surgeon's nurse told me not to research my surgery online because it would only make me nervous reading about failed fusion surgeries. I ignored her advice regarding the medication and now that I've read the 2 articles above, I am wondering if the advice from my rheumy's nurse is adequate.

I am so scared about this upcoming surgery. The last time I had a general anesthetic with intubation was almost 20 years ago during an emergency C-Section of my youngest son. During the intubation, the nurse anesthetist put the tube down into my stomach instead of lungs and both my son and I nearly died. Reading the dangers of intubation with cervical surgery is freaking me out alone, then the advise to stop meds in the above article stating more than only a week abstinence.

I don't want to insult my rheumy's nurse by questioning her. But....drat, I think you all see where I'm going here.

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Doh ! Don't read bad press! Ok I was a theatre sister for 10 yrs and didn't see any problems! We look after You, that's the job.

And I had 3/4/5 I think cervical discetomy with a cage over the fused discs! It was the least painful thing I've had. They went through the front of my neck. It had what looked like a big scar and I was warned. I was also told It would fade to nothing and it did!!

Best op I had as I couldn't feel my hand or move my arm well and had a lot of pain which is totally cured.

Go for it. Have a word to meet your anaesthetic nurse before you go to theatre. They might advice an anti anxiolytic drug to calm you a little. And trust the professionals xxx good luck !!

Radiogirl in reply to allanah

Thank you, allanah. I appreciate the reassurance. :)

AgedCrone in reply to allanah

I had the same procedure allanah & quite agree it was 99% pain free...recovery time was also quite quick...only in c/collar for about 4/5 month, then could drive again.

I had a bone graft taken from my hip & inserted around C3/4/5 after breaking my neck in a car accident,...the scar across my throat was most impressive...but now it's invisible.

The hip hurt a lot more than the neck!

allanah in reply to AgedCrone

Exactly and I had a metal cage not a hip do even easier and no collar!

Have you got a big bottle of whiskey? Then drink it and you'll soon be in a coma, all your fears have now been sorted you'll be fine.

Take care you'll be in good hands and I hope all goes well.


Radiogirl in reply to Philip

Thank you, Phillip. Wish I liked whiskey. Maybe a margarita will do. ;)

You'll be fine.

I'm not surprised you're worried, you would hardly be human if the thought of this op didn't concern you at all.

Do bear in mind that all the generalised stuff you read on line is just that - general. Your own doctors and nurses know you, your state of health and your medical history far better so will be giving you advice that is specific to you. What is appropriate for a 95 year old who has been on daily 40mg of steroids and biologics for the last 10 years is not appropriate for you.

And anaesthesia has advanced hugely over the last 20 years, so please try not to haunt yourself with your past experience (which sounds awful!).

Radiogirl in reply to helixhelix

Bless you, helixhelix. <3

Just to agree with the others - I hugely admire anaesthesiologists because they've well and truly scrutinised their own experience to evolve excellent protocols that have transformed the safety of general anaesthesia.

That said the team is there to listen to your apprehension and respond to you in the way that you need. Ask your questions and receive your reassurance. :)

I am so grateful to have found this group. Thank you for your kind suport, Ityfialmctt.

~Lori (Radiogirl)

Things have moved on in 20yrs darling. Try not to worry darling i have just had back surgery nearly six weeks ago and i have recovered very well. Do you have a date for your surgery? xxxx

Radiogirl in reply to sylvi

I am so glad to hear you are recovering well, Sylvi! My surgery is scheduled for September 26th.

sylvi in reply to Radiogirl

See about getting some Aloe Vera and Bee pollen as it helped my recovery.xxxx

allanah in reply to Radiogirl

Good luck. Talk to the staff . It will be over before you know. And if you're prone to sickness there's a brilliant drug that they can give you before your op in the anaesthetic room.

Nobody with medical problems is a crybaby! Ignore anyone who feels that way! They are not real friend! Good luck, let me know how your surgery goes! Praying that you get some much needed relief

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