hi all had my 1st Aquatone lesson!!!!!

Hi all hope your all well and having a pain free day if not a little less pain than yesterday.

Tuesday i had my first Aquatone lesson, which i drove to in Birmingham. I could have gone some where nearer but i know the pool so thought it best. It was for 45mins and the water was lovely and warm. There was only nine ladies in total and we were all between late 40's and 50's . There were two other ladies with RA and one who'd had two hip replacements in the last 18months. I think the other ladies were there for just gentle exercise, everyone was really nice including the instructor. Her name was Natasha and she was from Poland, she was very welcoming took the time to find out about my RA as i was new and gave me advise about the exercises we were going to be doing, it was really resistance exercise but very gentle. We did circular movements in the water with our feet and arms and slow walking where by we raised our knees genlty, We also had those long thin floats that we used to support us whilst on our backs to kick our legs in the water. We also used our arms to push the water away from us with the float. There were lots more exercises these were just a few but it was really good.I thoroughly enjoyed it and it didnt hurt at all, everyone was really nice and we all helped each other we are all going again RA permitting me next Tuesday . The only thing i did struggle with was getting dressed afterwards lol!! have you ever tried getting a pair of leggings on after you've been swimming lol. I was sweating conkers and out of puff but eventually got them on and walked out very red faced looking like nora batty with twisted half pulled up leggings on :)) needless to say i wont be wearing them again. I heard the people waiting in the que to go in. saying that Aqua Tone lesson must be good that lady has come out very red faced and looking out of breath lol, if only they knew it was the leggings that did that !!. lol . I think i'll stick to my tracksuit instead next time. My daughter and i laughed our heads off when she saw me, as i popped in to see her on my way home, she did straighten them for me before i went home lol !

On Wednesday i ached all over i dont think this was because i had done to much because i did take it easy, its because i had been so immobilised for 3 months previous i think my muscles had gone to sleep lol. But the instructor did say if i keep going it will not hurt so much as my muscles will get use to being exercised, but will increase my mobility and make my muscles stronger as it tones as well.

I also had my visit on wednesday from the welfare officer to help me fill in my DLA form , he was a lovely middle aged gentleman who was very helpful and caring , he had a son with RA so knew already what RA sufferers go through. He took notes and said he would have the form filled in back at the office he took my hospital letters with him to refer to and said he would drop them back to me when he had finished, He has left me with his card so when i get the decision i can ring him to let him know the outcome so its just a waiting game now, he also said if i get DLA he will get the forms for the blue badge for my car and help me to fill them in too. What a lovely gentleman, and today my daughter coloured and trimmed my hair for me, although i have noticed it is falling out really bad at the moment i think this is due to my thyroid as i have to have an operation on my parathyroids in May to remove nodules from them. So its been nice to have had a few positive days.My pain is moderate at present in my wrists, fingers and neck but my knees are starting to get a bit worse tonight as well as my elbows. But hey some of you are worse than me out at present so i'm just grateful i've been able to get out for a few days. Sorry if i've waffled on a bit but feeling happier than of late and wanted to share it while it lasts.

Soft hugs to everyone. Lena :)) xx P.s it is now three weeks since i last smoked and feeling loads better for it, so glad i stopped. :)

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  • aah bless you keep up the good work. on aqua tone? is it in the day? xx

    Nice blog too x

  • Hi Ali , thank you, yes its 11.30 am till 12.45. Gald you enjoyed it. Are you still going to your hydratherapy pool?

  • Really enjoyed your blog Lena :-) glad you had a good time. Lol at your leggings prob. Good luck with the DLA. Gentle hugs. Love Janet xxxx

  • yes but its 830am a real rush!! last session next week x

  • thats gone really quick , will you do anything else in that way at all maybe the aqua tone ?xx

  • Amazing! I saw the physio for the. First. Time yesterday. She is starting with my hands and did exercises and hot wax. I am having that for four weeks and then I start hydrotherapy! Also she is sending me to a foot clinic so I am also feeling positive like yourself , hugs A xx

  • ahh thats brilliant , i hope it gives you some relief and you see the benefits of your treatments. looks like we are all on a healthy exercise programm lol xxx

  • good luck with the pool it realy gets your mussles to work better

  • yes i agree, very stiff this morning (Friday) . I'm determined to get myself as fit and healthy as possible plus i love to swim . xx

  • What a lovely blog , thank you for sharing Lena xx Angie xx

  • Thank you Angie, your very welcome. hope you are well . xxx:))

  • Thanks for a lovely mail. I saw them doing aqua at my pool thought I should have a go. I think u are right the muscles need to be stronger to hold it all in place. Thanks for that


  • hi Artyone i felt refreshed after wards and like i had actually achieved something. You should have a go see what you think. xxx




  • Thanks minka for your reply i will take it on board i have told myself i will go gently for the first few times . So i promise i will take it easy . xx

  • Really enjoyed your blog Lena well done with the smoking too love karen x

  • thanks karen glad you enjoye it. Yes i'm really pleased with myself for stopping smoking i have been trying for a while on and off but when i got diagnosed with RA something just snapped and i dont ever want to smoke again cant stand the smell of it now. I cant belive i used to do it and then smell of it after ughhhh!!! lol . xx

  • Hi Ludlow

    You made me laugh reading about your leggings, I can just imagine it.

    You seemed to have had a good time so that will do you good.

    Well done for stoping smoking as that takes real will power.

    Mary x

  • hi craw, yes my daughter and i were in fits of laughter about my leggings glad it made you laugh and brought a smile to your face not alot of things do that to us RA sufferers these days especially on a bad day so thought i'd tell you all about it in the hope it would make people smile. I am very proud of myself to say the least for giving up smoking i've tried so many tmes and failed but i dont know what it is this time i just dont miss it and would never go back to it yes i still wear my patches and it is not all down to my own will power but i am strong minded too. I think since being diagnosed with RA it has changed my mind thought on lots of things but i'm really glad it helped me to beat the cigarettes. Thank you for your kind words .hope you are having a good day hugs . Lena aka Ludlow xx

  • You are so right, getting dressed is the worst part!!!!!!!! I love my pool and hot tub time! It has kept me going. I've had RA for over 40 years and still going strong for that amount of time. You moved things that haven't moved for awhile so be gentle with yourself! BRAVO!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you and i applaud you in still going strong, this disease can wear you down very quickly if you let it, so well done on your achievement. I will take it easy i dont want to cause any futher problems by over doing it. I'm just pleased with myself for having the courage to go out on my own to a public place with out getting anxious and doing something for myself. I have been house bound practically since december and its only the last few weeks since my steroid injection that ive been able to get out on my own admittedly by car. It was good to get out and meet people. My friends have dwindled off since my diagnosis and seeing me so poorly and down, i dont see many of them much now . But thank you fir your kind words. hugs lena xx

  • Soft hugs to you as well!

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