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Quitting is my clean little secret


I am 4days smoke free and cor blimey can I smell everything! My partner still smokes and although I would of liked us to quit together, him smelling like an ashtray is reminding me I made the right choice ;P

I have tried numerous times to quit by going cold turkey and/or vape (longest 3 months) and I’m this time I’m reluctant to tell anyone to spare myself the ‘oh here we go again’s. These often deter me from future attempts.

I’ve gone the NRT route this time (patches and lozenges) and have been impressed by the way they have subsided cravings so far so do feel a lot more confident in this attempt.

I am attending a birthday on my 1 week mark and the anxiety of that already has got me wanting to reach for a cigarette and I’m not even there yet! I’ve read a few posts on here about alcohol and quitting and I know from my own experience alcohol is often my downfall. I guess that is why I want to keep it secret because if I do cave no one knows I did! Do I avoid alcohol all together? Or are there ways I can manage this so that I don’t have to do that.

I am also having trouble with the ‘reward’ removal. I used to use cigarettes as a ‘reward’ after a task, now that side is gone I fear for my waistline if I can’t find a good enough replacement for the reward I’ve eliminated. Any replacements for this would be appreciated

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Hope make it through the party :)

For the temptation after drinks, maybe it helps if you can take a mellow glass and take your time to drink it so your hands are busy and you won't get that drunk that you won't be able to fight cigarette craving.

And dancing would definitely help :D

Ps. I'm stuck too about the prize thing.

So far I've got coffee, carrot, ice cream and so on with concentration on not smelling smoke, having headache and feeling life sucked out of me literally!

Please share as soon as you found a replacement.

Best of luck!✌

I use to do a reward cigs after doing a task. Now I just keep doing things or go for walks, garden outside, exercice or go watch tv. I always have a bottle of water with me drinkink that a lot. I am on day 14 today. Bit I use champex on half dose

Landofudons in reply to MarieRen

The waters a good idea, definitely don’t drink enough as it is. I have resulted to having a lozenge and inhaling air through a straw in my usual smoking spot. 😂 got me through my after lunch craving and hopefully it’s enough to focus myself into my work for the rest of the afternoon

Keep up the good work!

Hi Landofudons!! Congrats on 4 days smoke free! I'm using patches too; initially I used 21mg but they were way too strong so by my 4th day I was on 14mg.

I'm almost 8 weeks in and I've carried on drinking throughout my quit as I didn't want to feel deprived by quitting. On days where I knew I'd be drinking in excess/or around other smokers I'd whack on one of my remaining 21mg patches for the eve and that gave me an extra buzz so I didn't think about smoking. I'm now down to 7mg so now I'll use the 14mg when drinking lots. Will keep my normal patch on if just having a few glasses of alcohol. Not sure if you can apply that/what strength you're on but good luck for the party you can do it!!

I'm not sure about the reward removal, I thought I'd experience this because I always used cigs as a reward but the patches worked so well for me it doesn't pass my mind. I keep a smoke free diary and during the first few weeks it was a huge reward to write in there that I had another day smoke free 😁. I kept it quiet at first like you too and the diary was a great way to celebrate myself.

Fasi in reply to Battypatty92

i am tired of trying to quit cigarettes, any suggestion for Me Pls

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