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Quitting smoking

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Just threw away my last cigarettes. It's 530 am so I'm getting a head start. Wish me luck.

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SanJane1 Week Smoke Free

Great to hear Inferno955. Today is day 9 for me and trust me it does get easier. You are going to have it rough for the first 3-4 days but dau 5 and on it is all uphill. What is your plan? Cold Turkey? Are you able to stay home for now while you detox?

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Inferno955 in reply to SanJane

I already failed... But I am determined to try again when I have a pc again so I will have something to take my mind off things. And I know it gets better, I've quit once before for 3 months, didn't help unfortunately :(

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Inferno955 in reply to SanJane

And yes, cold turkey was and is my plan. I still have nrt in the kitchen but it just doesn't work for me.

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SanJane1 Week Smoke Free in reply to Inferno955

NRT did not work for me either. I think it is because you remain addicted to the nicotine and do not really get over it.

I have tried and failed too, I bet all smokers have but one thing is for sure ... each quit is good and never a waste. I think it just moves you closer to that final quit. That has been my experience anyway.

This is day 9 for me and I am feeling much better. Days 1-4 were tough. I did cold turkey and just stayed in bed and on the couch for these days. Eat, sleep, read, TV, shower, repeat. I even took some sleep melts to help me sleep in order to pass the time faster ... lol they work too. I had to set this time aside and inform my family to leave me be so I can detox. No coffee, tea, wine etc ... just milk, juice and water as to not trigger cravings.

I am now slowly starting to live again but not pushing myself too far. Small steps feel safe, working out and doing small bits of shopping and cooking.

Stay in touch with your new quit date ... best wishes and Godspeed.

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Inferno955 in reply to SanJane

Thanks for the advice 😎

You will do it if you really want to!!! Good luck

I wish you all the luck in the world, your best days are ahead of you

I am here for you body, mind and spirit xx

You can do it I don't remember how many times I quit before it worked I am now at more than 21 yrs. When the thought of having a smoke pops in your head you gotta start thinking of other things right then. I would make a cake from scratch in my thoughts each step of the way. So if there is something you like to do plan it out in your mind. Build something, repair something. Anything to occupy your mind! good luck I will be praying for you.

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