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I’ve started my journey to give up I’m on day 4 and every now and then I feel light headed is this normal thing to happen and I have a strange flutter in my throat

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Hi my name is Mary CONGRATULATIONS!! day 4 is great I did this 21 yr ago Feb 1st. I feel great yep it is hard BUT very rewarding. The main thing is to get busy doing something with your hands & mind, I crochet & completed an afghan really fast my hubby still has it. Do you chew gum? I also chewed gum sucked on hard candy. Yes I did gain weight so did my hubby we quit together he doesn't chew gum just hard candies. Figure out a reward for yourself actually several for along the journey. Nickatine ? is a drug & you will have withdrawal symptoms. Get out and walk if you can. Being lightheaded does happen just stand up slowly & get your balance. If it continues talk to your Dr. He/she should be able to help, drink lots of water as that will help wash the nicotine out of your system.

Ked1973 in reply to kycmary

Thank you for your kind words I’m feeling I can do this still getting the dizzy feeling but I’m not letting it win

I'm on my 3rd day and feel dizzy too sometimes

Ked1973 in reply to Queenbee63

Thank you I’m still feeling dizzy but I’m not going to let it beat me

kycmary in reply to Ked1973

Hang in there it will go away I am praying for you. Mary

kycmary in reply to Queenbee63

You are in my prayers also when the thoughts come in about smoking start thinking about something else anything start remembering a favorite book or song or a passage from the bible or a verse.

Dear Ked, that’s great that you have decided to quit smoking‼️👏🏻 Being light headed is normal as you are getting more oxygen . Keep on going as it does get easier the farther along you go😁👍🏻 Stay strong💪

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