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Champix does it work?


Hi, i stopped smoking for 7 years and then 5 years ago i went back on them. I want to stop again but have tried all the normal routes and i'm getting nowhere. I've just had a chat with my GP and she has suggested trying Champix. Has anyone ever used them and stopped? At this stage i'd try anything.

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Hi there,I am currently taking it. I'm on day 19 of the tablets and I've been smoke free for 2 weeks, 19 days ago i had a collapsed lung and still wanted to keep smoking despite the fact it could literally kill me i asked for champix as i know my will power is pretty much non existent, I'd also tried everything, now while on champix i haven't really felt like a smoke but if I do I can easily ignore it. In the begining you may feel like smoking and you can keep smoking but set a date then get rid of your tobacco lighters etc. Some people have side effects mine so far are nausea, headaches and bloating plus a little trouble sleeping. Other side effects are vivid dreams, anxiety and depression just to name a few... you just need to be aware of what you are feeling and thinking and seek medical advice if you feel something isn't right. Also I haven't had any withdrawal related moodiness which i don't know if it's a thing with champix or im just lucky. I wish you the best of luck and i hope you find something that works for you.

rubykom in reply to Rastis

Hi thanks for your reply. I'm hoping that it will work this time round. Had a good chat with my GP yesterday and she explained all the risks so i think i know what to expect. Fingers crossed!

Anncarson9 Months Smoke Free

Hi. There. Champix were my life saver. Smoked for 50 years & decided 18 months ago at the age of 70 enough was enough. Yes I had some sleepless nights & towards the end of course cut them down to a half at night - but they work IF YOU WANT THEM TO. You have to want to quit. Good luck 😊

rubykom in reply to Anncarson

Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes i really do want to stop and as i've tried everything else this is the last resort. I'm disgusted with myself for starting again but now have to move forward!

SeahawkUK3 Months Smoke Free

I quit on 4th Jaunary 2020 and could not have done it without Champix. It is not a magic pill and you must really want to stop, but it goes more than half way in helping you quit. I also downloaded Allen Carr's Audio Boot Camp. This combined got me through. Now very nearly 12 months free and clean.Good Luck Ruby! 😉👍

rubykom in reply to SeahawkUK

Hi thanks for your reply. Well done on stopping. I'm hoping that'll it'll work for me.

Sparkle112 Years Smoke Free

Hi there. I took Champix for The full 12 weeks.Tried it once before for a month. Didn’t work. There was always the morning nausea (normally half a dry biscuit helped) and very strange dreams which stop as soon as you discontinue. I haven’t smoked for 3 years now (or is it 4? ... can’t remember) Really worked for me. I combined taking Champix with reading Allan Carr How to stop smoking without gaining weight. Initially I gained only 2 kilos but that soon came off. Best thing ever. Love being a non smoker. Good luck.

rubykom in reply to Sparkle11

Hi there, thanks for your reply. Well done on being a non smoker. Hopefully i'll be able to call myself that soon!

I took Champix 8 years ago to give up smoking.I had some weird dreams and my skin got a little dry. But I didn't have any problems with Champix

I have not smoked since and I don't even think about them

rubykom in reply to ukexsmoker

Hi, thanks for your reply. Well done on stopping smoking. I'm hoping these will help me to get back of them again.

Hi. I took it, and my husband took it, both of us 12 years ago. After 40 days on it, I had to stop. I was having severe side effects, including depression, nausea, and vivid psychedelic dreams. My husband had none of the side effects. He remained quit. I did not; a tragedy struck our family and I picked up. Had that not happened, I was pretty secure in the quit I did have for 2 years. The chantix had done what it needed to do after only 40 days. If you try it, be aware of the side effects. Know them, embrace them, talk to your doctor about them. If you're already on an antidepressant, you'll likely need to increase it while on Chantix. If you've ever had serious suicidal thoughts, you should likely avoid taking it. I quit in October after being back to smoking for 10 years. I put them down and didn't pick them back up. My doctor prescribed Nicotrol Inhaler, but I've used it very little. I read parts of Alan Carr's book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking (or similar title) and it made sense to me. I didn't even finish reading it - it struck a cord that deep. Good luck to you!

rubykom in reply to Nitchy

Hi, thanks for your reply. Glad to hear you are back off them now. It's really hard isn't it? When i stopped them for 7 years i used patches to come off them. This time round they are doing me no good at all. Champix is my last resort. I spoke to my GP yesterday and she outlined the risks so i have an idea of what to expect. I'm just hoping that this time it will finally work.......fingers crossed!

Nitchy in reply to rubykom

Please get Alan Carr's book. While the original is "old school" having been written decades ago, it still rings true. I notice that several that responded to you here also recommended it. It really, really, makes a lot of sense about how we make this whole thing much harder than it is. I hope that Champix along with the book, will help you. I got the book via Amazon but you might find a free online copy. Hugs to you!

rubykom in reply to Nitchy

Hi, I've just been looking on Amazon there and there are a few Allan Carr books. Do you know which one you have?

I ordered this one. I know there are several editions, some specifically for women or men, or to focus on not gaining weight. This one is the original, which was recommended to me by members of QuitNet many years ago.

rubykom in reply to Nitchy

Thanks i'll have a look for it.

reader20191 Year Smoke Free

Hi there, I smoked for over 40 years. I quit 18 months ago using champix. Good luck

Hev123Valued Contributor

Me too! I gave up with Champix 3 years ago, I started taking them at the beginning of Oct ... Champix helped me stop by the end of Oct, I sailed through the next three months with no side effects and not wanting a smoke. I felt SO good.

Then I stopped taking the tablets & within a couple of weeks I thought I was going mad! Literally I thought I was losing the plot, I was a horror to be around!

But I now know it was the addiction kicking back in.

But, I held off. The time I spent without smoking helped me understand that there is not one good thing about smoking - think about it ... there is nothing that is good about it, it’s unhealthy, it stinks etc etc. I got that into my head, it really helped me.

It’s the BEST thing I did.

I reckon Champix, this site (it was so helpful at the time) and a bit of bloody mindedness saved me from 20+ cigs a day and probable lung cancer, I had in my head that I would get cancer if I didn’t stop, I asked the doc for a chest X-ray because I was so convinced, but I was all clear, thank goodness.

Oh! and I had/have an app that tracks the progress, I’ve saved over £10,000 so far 😮

Good luck to you, I really hope you can do it🤞 💪

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