Nicorette Quickmist, bad side effects

Hi, I quite smoking over 1 year ago and I've been on Nicorette Quickmist ever since. Now, I think it is doing harm. My stomach and colon have been badly upset for around 2 months now, and there is no reason, so I've come to think Nicorette Quickmist is the culprit. The list of potential side effects is quite long, and my symptoms are on that list. It's quite scary. I never had any of those issues as a smoker. Has anyone here been able to go off Nicorette Quickmist?

I know I need to quit, but I do get very bad cravings and bad physical sensations when I dont get the "puff".

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  • Welcome aneczka , unfortunately I don't think there is anyone on here that has been on the quickmist but did see a post from a few months ago about it and the very serious side affects from it.

    I would suggest going to your doctor asap with your concerns, maybe try and use a different aid for your quit..

  • Hello.

    I think RoisinO1 is right. Perhaps a visit to the doctor is in order, if nothing else to put your mind at rest. Also it does contain nicotine so if you have been using it for a year, it is possible that you will experience cravings if you stop using it.

    Try not to worry, get yourself an appointment and get some information from the doctor. Oh, and the worst thing you can do is 'Google' it - you'll end up with a load of misinformation that will frighten the life out of you! 😊

  • Of course the first thing you do is googling 😁 but in this case, I just read the product leaflet, something i didn't really bother doing for one year. Another thing: this spray actually feels burning in my mouth. If that stuff gets into my stomach and intestines, which it naturally does, then no wonder it is causing issues!

  • Perhaps you could switch to another form of NRT to see what happens and if the symptoms subside? Book an appointment though, to be on the safe side.

  • I will see if I can go without. Just threw the 2 sprays I had in the garbage bin. So tomorrow will be a crazy day, I can tell already.

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