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Addicted to nicorette quickmist spray


I stopped smoking when I found out I was pregnant 5 and half years ago, iv smoked from the age of 12 to 24 and a bit 😬 giving up was very much unwanted but needed. Nicorettet mist was my crutch and nearly 6 years on my spray is still stuck in the palm of me hand, at the side of me bed, on my desk, by my toaster and so on... I’m ADDICTED!!!! My O.H does not get it, he says iv not give the fags up really ??? I just find once I stop the spray I eat everything insite. Any suggestions please 🤞🤞🤞

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GazzabSA50 Days Smoke Free

Nicotine is Nicotine, be it in a cigarette or in a spray, it’s highly addictive and a bugger to quit, all I can say is stop the spray , eat everything in sight and deal with the weight issues later 😂


Welcome Hippychick88, unfortunately, we have had several members posting the same complaint that they are addicted to quick mist- see below posts from them to have a read:

As Gazza advised, nicotine is nicotine and difficult to stop the addiction, set up a plan the same way you stopped smoking cigarettes, you CAN do it! If getting nicotine free means eating all in sight, so be it, can be addressed if necessary at a later stage. Keep us posted on how you are getting on....

PS debbedy37 another member addicted to the quick mist :(

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Welcome Hippychick. You need to commit to giving up the mist, as you did with giving up the cigs. Try to replace it with water, tea, lozenges (nicotine free), or something else that is convenient. Deal with the weight gain by eating healthy and exercising.

Best of luck and read the links Roisin noted.

Hippychick88 I soooo feel your pain! I stopped about 5 years ago and I cannot stop the Quickmist! In fact this was the whole reason I joined this group! I wondered if something like Champix would work for the quickmist! or Zyban? The problem I find is that I can use it anywhere! In the office, in bed, watching TV, on public transport so I never put the damn thing down and I also take a bout 2/3 hits each time I use it!! I think my spray use equates to 60 cigarettes a day and I also feel annoyed that I already went through the weight gain thing and it sounds like I will have to do that again. Im thinking about setting a timer so that I dont use it more than once an hour and not bringing it to bed so I cant use it in bed or first thing in the morning! But I literally feel wretched without the bloody thing. I have a doctors appointment today and I am going to ask him about Champix/Zyban. Fingers crossed! and best of luck on your journey - if you find a magic cure please let me know! xx

The same situation, gave up smoking in end of 2017 however still addicted to spray and with increased nicotine tolerance. My advice: if you spray twice - start spraying once. Increase gaps between usage ( 30 mins - 45 mins - hour - 2 hours). I notice that without triggers (stress work etc.) withdrawal appears after ca. 2 hours. I use this„ exercise” of making longer gaps in order to prove to myself that I can cope without it. (And have the spray near you - if I don’t have it in my pocket i panic). However try to reduce daily usage. In my personal opinion problem with NQM is easy usage and easy overdose with tolerance building. Now i use LDN therapy and piracetam to fight the „brain fog” coming from reducing usage. Still however on spray.

Positive aspect of spray is that after 2 years od being cigarretes free smell of smoked cigs makes me almost vomit. Nevertheless quick nicotine hit avaiable with spray is very dangerous and creates high addiction potential.

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