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Day 15 zero mg on ecig and only two 2mg lozenges all day!

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Sarah_star6 Months Smoke Free

So this seems to good to be true... i dont want to feel over confident but ive only had 2 lozenges so far today and zero nicotene in my ecig! Im feeling great and have lots of energy. Why am i feeling so good early on? I really did want to quit the nicotene for good so maybe its to do with my mindset?? On previous quit attempts ive still been pulling my hair out at this point but this is seeming all to easy. I think i will be nicotene free in another 2 weeks!! 😊 has anyone else had this? The first 2 weeks have been awful and i did say this time quiting feels different so maybe this really is it.

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Hey Sarah_star - good to read things are good for you at the moment....

During this journey, especially at this early stage, you will have good and bad days and must have the guard up at all times ready to attack. You are approaching 3 weeks very soon and it is very common to experience 'the blahs' at this stage. Below is a pinned post worth a read if not already done so to prepare yourself. Keep up the great work, you are doing so well :)

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CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Good not to be overconfident Sarah, but great news regardless.

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nzgrub1 Year Smoke Free

Congrats & take both the good with the bad. Longer you go the more good days you'll have - don't knock it. All the best & good luck

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Sarah_star6 Months Smoke Free

Thanks everyone. Felt good yesterday....Got an awful headache today. Im Resting lots.

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Sarah_star

How is today going Sarah_star ?

Focus on the benefits of been smoke free !

I see it this way ..

You becoming your body’s best friend and the cigarrets suddently are your body’s worst enemy !

So if you see it that way ,you start enjoying every time you don’t smoke exiting

Congratulations ! Enjoy freedom 👍

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Sarah_star6 Months Smoke Free

Thanks for the support everyone. Still going strong and no smoking here!!! I really dont think i will now the thought of giving in makes me feel really sad. I can see the benefits of not smoking 😁😁 will be 18 days tomorrow. When i think back since my quit day ive come so far and feeling much better

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Sarah_star6 Months Smoke Free

Ive also had quite a bit of stress the last few days aswell which has challeneged me but smoking was just not an option... i have overcome the stressful situations without turning to smoking. Its exhausting but ive come to far. 😊

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