Quitting smoking - starting today!

Hey everyone,

I have decided to quit smoking as off today - I am 30 years old and the effects of smoking on my skin and health is horrible! My skin is grey and wrinkled and I cant go up flights of stairs without becoming out of breath , not to mention really bad breath 😂

So if anyone else is currently quitting or starting today - I'm here to swap encouragement or tips 😊

Good luck all you quitters 😀

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  • Welcome T2017W and congratulations on Day 1, hope it continues to go well / ok for you? I quit cold turkey over 20 months ago and never looked back, been a bumpy road, sometimes very bumpy, but got through it. Quitting does not require luck but focus, determination, strength and belief and ready to attack at all times. Stay close to us, keep busy, bit of exercise, lots of water and lots of reading up on the addiction and what to expect.

    The following members are early on in their quits too if you want to have a look at their journeys so far: LeesaD Subodh_verma cldan karenmiles

    Also, below is a pinned post of helpful tips / posts if not already read:


    We look forward to reading your progress :)

  • Thank you so much for your encouraging words and well done for quitting.

    Its been hard today but I haven't given in yet!

    Thanks again for the tips 😊

  • Wishing you strength T2017W - are you going cold turkey? Stay close to us and post anytime, there is always someone about here....

  • Well done!!! This is one of the best things you will EVER do, and you're in the right place for support and encouragement... stay focused and remember you are worth the effort! :)

  • Best decision ever! Stay strong and focused and you will do it!

  • Massive Congrats to you!! I'm only on day 8. Quit last year at this time for 6 weeks using the exit, went on holidays and here I am again this year trying again. Problem is I'm off on holidays in two weeks again. But I'm going to do it.

    anyways, day 1 will be weird/overwhelming and exciting all rolled into one. But you know its the best decision ever!

    there are only cons to smoking, NO PRONS.

    give yourself a big pat on the the back and take it one day at a time. Let everyone know what your doing for full support and avoid Smokey situations for a while if possible.

    I haven't visited my grandmas house since I quit over a week now because her and my family just chain smoke.

    like you I'm a 30 year old but i have wrinkles that would challenge a 70 year old!!

    Congrats again...

  • *PROS

  • Lovely you.... :)

  • Thank you! Good luck for your holiday - you can do it and have a fun time 😊

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