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Quitting smoking


Hia guys I’m new here! Determined to start quitting smoking from tomorrow morning.. any tips would be greatly welcome! X

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Good luck Aimee. I am using NRT and it is helping. I have stopped for 3 weeks now. I have tried to change my routine when I am craving and remind myself that it will pass. And it does!

aimeebxo in reply to Kdippy1

Hia! I did have 3 fags yesterday which I’m disappointed about, I have patches and the little nicotine inhaler here I’m going to start again with those today! Well done.. hopefully in 3 weeks I can say the same! Xx

Kdippy1 in reply to aimeebxo

Don’t worry about the 3 fags. It’s just a blip. You can definitely do this! Xx

I'm looking at quitting smoking tomorrow how are you doing

aimeebxo in reply to Seanyboy666

Hia! I had 3 fags yesterday, but starting to quit again today.. lots of people have mentioned lots of ice water and keeping busy so that’s what I’ll be doing! Best of luck.. here to support you! 😌

Hey, how did you get on, are you still smoking or have you managed to stop? I am about to stop myself.

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