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Here’s hoping

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I’m done with them now

That’s the plan anyway

£9.15 local shop 20 menthol cigarettes per day...that’s £3330 a year !

I’ve smoked now off and on for more than 40 years a fortune wasted up in smoke

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NozmoValued Contributor

Go for it Pat22fag . The cost of smoking was one of the main reasons why I stopped. You really notice the difference after a few weeks. Seeing this post has made me check my app and so far I have saved £8,398 since I stopped....and that’s based on 2016 prices.

I would recommend using an app to track your health and wealth. I found it a big help.

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Thanks another incentive is I’m going get blood test tomorrow morning for suspected type 2 diabetes

I bought my usual 20 pack today but have only smoked 9 usually it’s 20

I don’t intend to buy cigarettes tomorrow

I tried vapes in the past but hated them

So I have I spray and plastic inhalator at the ready

I’m not telling anyone what I’m doing hoping it will be a night Christmas present for my girls and 4 month old grandson....


Morning Patfag22. Love your pooch by the way! I’m with you all the way. I’m on the patches, using the spray as soon as I wake up and lozenges throughout the day as extra back up. I’m so determined to kick this vile habit, for health mainly and for the pocket! I was smoke free for 14 years until hubby died when to my great shame and regret I started smoking again. It can be done so let’s get on with it 👍


Thanks I had shingles in November now got post viral fatigue which has helped with the quitting xx

Atta13 Months Smoke Free

You can do this

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Hopefully to unfortunately I enjoy smoking

But I’m going to go swimming and Pilates classes instead of wasting my day standing in the back garden burning white tubes of crap at 50p a time


You’ve got this Pat22fag! The cost is definitely a big factor in why I quit too. In australia, a packet of 25s is now around $35 (£18/packet), I used to smoke a pack a day, so that’s almost double yours in cost, over £6000 per annum. It’s crazy that I used to justify spending that somehow. 5 weeks on, I feel better, and I’ve saved a lot.

I really hope you’ll be able to give them up. I’m sure it would be a nice surprise for your family on Christmas Day. Good luck!


Thanks I’m 55 now soon to be 56 in January!!

Started at school aged 14

Was a social smoker but unfortunately mental health retirement in 2001 saw me on 20 a day got the suggested app’s aiming to quit on the full moon on the 12th at the latest coinciding with our General Election I’ve got 7 cigarettes left from yesterday’s packet and hope to buy no more

Feeling very positive! ...


Stopping now

Friday 13th

Just smoked my last one

Looking as if Boris has won the uk general election here in uk ....nightmare

The nhs will now be sold off so I can’t afford any health problems

I won’t be watching the news on tv in the morning plan instead to wrap Xmas presents and watch Bohemian Rhapsody

I haven’t told anyone of my plans to quit don’t need the pressure

Hopefully I can announce to the family including my 4 month old grandson on Xmas day that I will have been stopped for 12 days by then

I’ve got a post viral infection just now following a bout of shingles in November too so stopping the cigarettes will help me to recover from that to


Congratulations Pat22fag!

I hope it wasn’t too bad a day for you yesterday. Let us know how you’re doing. These next few days will the hardest, craving wise, but it will get much easier as the days go by and the nicotine leaves your system.

Drink lots of water and avoid triggers.

Best of luck!


Ha not so easy after our UK election results yesterday x


Just checking in to see how you’re doing?

reader20196 Months Smoke Free
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How are you doing Grace? Did you get more champix or are you doing it on your own?


I’m doing ok. I didn’t get a chance to get more Champix, but I also haven’t had any smoke either.

I think I’ll get the refill as soon as I can. I feel like it will help me long term.

But yeah, 6 weeks!

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