hoping to make some new friends who know what we each are going through!


Am on day 2 of quitting. Had just recently given up for 7 weeks while had badly ulcerated mouth but although knew it was crazy to smoke while mouth in bad way, felt really low without the nicotine fix! Mouth finally got better after steroids and I went back on cigs 2 weeks ago but started getting pain in upper back and lower back so think that was my body's way of saying enough is enough after nearly 40 years! Thought it would be good and nice to chat to other people trying to now live with major change without nicotine!!! My thoughts are with everyone else trying and big fair play to all of you who are on the way already!

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  • Huge welcome webbs8 and congratulations on Day 2! You have made the best decision of your life to quit....

    I am almost 8 months smoke free doing it cold turkey and am the best I have been in my quit. It is a roller coaster of a journey but so worth all the blood, sweat and tears!

    I would suggest keeping yourself as busy as possible, drink loads of water, deep breaths, avoid caffeine and sugary foods (if you can!), little bit of exercise daily and above all educate yourself on what is happening when we quit.

    Wishing you success and strength and look forward to reading your progress :)

  • Hey - Monday is 8 months for me!!! Wooooooo!

  • Tomorrow me USNx :)

  • Its with a huge welcome from me, and firstly must say, this is the best decision you will ever, make for healing your body. Ooooh so nasty those ulcers, and do take a lot of getting rid of.

    You have without doubt, arrived, at the most magical of forums, with so many quitters, who by just being here, have gathered a wealth of knowledge, of which I indeed call upon at times, when I'm having a little topsy turvy day, so please please read and post as often as you feel

    So night night for tonight, hoping tomorrow is a great day for you.

    Looking forward to your updates

  • Welcome webbs8!!! Congratulations on day 2, you are doing great :)

  • Can you try and forget that you are on day two, try and forget that you ever had a cancer stick in your mouth, don't stop smoking just delay when your going to have your next one. So your not stopping because you are going to start tomorrow if you remember, if you get it in your head that you don't smoke you'll find not starting really easy. It is all in our heads, 25 years ago I made the same choice that you are making now and I had smoked from about the age of ten, when I decided that I was sick of not smelling nice, unable to breathe and that cancer sticks don't even taste nice it was so in my head that stopping was easy, back then I was unable to walk the length of our front room, since then I have run London marathon, have done London to Brighton 5 times on the bike ride. Big head you bet I am I beat the drug nicotine which is a powerful dangerous drug and kills.

    Don't give up on your self stay in this group it is a long road my friend but one you can walk.

    Good luck.

  • Wow Grandad ...You Nailed it and what good advice !!! Yes usually it is the thought of being a smoker that makes us smoke again...

    PS Roisen...surely the weeks post !!!

  • Definitely Hercu! grandad post of the week, badge on its way!

  • Nice ...Thank you..Roisin !!!

  • Very wise powerful words love it

  • Hiya mate,

    I am just over two weeks stopped now after around fifty years of smoking. Every time I get a craving, I say to myself, NO NO NO, and the craving seems to pass quicker because I said that. Maybe it's a psychological trigger, like the nicotine knows I won't give in to it. But for me it works.

  • Great to read an update from you JohninHull , glad you are doing well :)

  • Webb..Welcome and soon you will realize you have made the best decision of your life the day before yesterday.

    Stay strong...Know your enemy and listen to your body..Yes enough is enough...I have came to that thought also after 38 years @60 per day almost a year ago...Stay strong !!!

  • Congrats on day 2 working on 3. I hope your feeling better - keep fighting to stay no smoking - I used a patch in my early quit days - helps with the urges. I'm non nicotine 8 months next week - x 30 year smoker.. You can do it!!

  • Hello webbs, greetings from me and I hope your third day is going well.

    Let us know how you're getting on, good or bad. Somebody will always try to help.

  • Hi to everyone. I've been lurking for a while but wanted to say stay positive. Day 2 is fabulous. I'm now on day 8 and already feeling so much better.


  • Hello Jo, you're a dark horse! Well done on reaching eight days, great stuff!

  • Jbellham Huge welcome Jo and congratulations on Day 8. You have your first massive milestone of 1 week over you, that is a huge achievement, hope you treated yourself! :)

    Keep up the great positive attitude!

  • Hey Jbellham, 1 month smoke free, hope you are doing good. Give us an update when you get a chance....

  • Belated welcomes from me to webbs8 and Jbellham - great decision to quit smoking AND join this community!

  • Hey webbs8 and Jbellham , how are both getting on?

  • Hey webbs8, 1 week smoke free, congratulations, a huge milestone to achieve, badge on its way to you :)

  • Hey webbs8, how are you getting on?

  • Hey webbs8 50 Days smoke free today!

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