No Smoking Day
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Just clocked up 7 years. Nice!

The decorators have been in and I don't really recognise the place - but that doesn't matter. Anywhere that supports people to quit is fine in my book.

Seven years ago today I smoked my last cigarette and I wouldn't have reached this rather nice milestone without the support, help, distraction and advice of all the lovely people on the forum.

Stay strong and keep choosing not to smoke - it really is one of the best decisions you will ever make.


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Firstly a huge CONGATULATIONS , from me.

Second Thanks for posting ( a huge inspiration to us all,

Thirdly you are amazing.

Thankyou for your post,fantastic, brilliant' well done you, Amazing 😀😀😀😀😀

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Wow Deke, huge congratulations, that is just amazing achievement, thank you so much for coming on here to share after 7 years....really appreciate reading such an inspirational post!

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I must agree.

What a great thing to be able to say.

I don't smoke and haven't for 7years.


I hope I'm here in 7 years .ha

Great for all us trying /wanting to stop.

Great motivation

Thank you


Thanks for posting Deke, lovely to hear a success story.


Thanks for the lovely comments. It's a fantastic thought that others may be inspired to give up by my efforts.

I distinctly remember, when I had only gone a few days without smoking and was feeling that I was depriving myself of something that i thought I enjoyed, I saw posts of others who had been quit 5 or more years. They inspired me then.

The simplest, and best, phrase that I ever saw on this forum was:

"Choose not to light a cigarette. Keep repeating that choice."

It has worked for me - it can for you too.

Stay strong.


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