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Tess69 Months Smoke Free

As I am 60 next year and smoked for over 40 years I am determined to quit after suffering a really nasty chest infection. I've bought a vape and started taking niquitin minis (I've only had 2) today and not even used the vape yet it's going to be hard I know can anyone give me any tips please

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mushenValued Contributor


Just take it an hour at a time. It can be done as many on here will testify. Don't waste time worrying about what the day will be like, that's way too far ahead. If you are determined, you will do it. It really is a case of getting used to doing things without smoking. Keep occupied if you can and if possible, remove all smoking related materials from the house.

Go for it! 🙂


Welcome Tess6 - can't add much more to Mushen's advice other than have a read of below pinned post if not already done so:

We look forward to seeing your Day 1 post very soon :)

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