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TEAH356 Months Smoke Free

Hello, I am new to this smoking site and I wish to share my experiences with you on my journey to being smoke free.

I am age 65 and have been a smoker for 45 of those years.

I have managed to successfully give up 3 times in those 45 years. My two pregnancies, (quite easy really as I was just simply too ill to smoke). But as soon as the births were over, I immediately went back to it.

Approx 20 years ago, I enlisted the help of a drug called Zyban, having 100% success. Apparently I was one of the lucky ones, experiencing no side effects whatsoever. But something bad happened, (and for the life of me I can't recall what this 'bad' event was), but it was bad enough for me to relapse and go back to this nasty habit .... after 4 glorious smoke free years.

I recently decided that it was time to give up once and for all, and hopefully never smoke again. Because of the success I'd had with the Zyban, I again enlisted it's help, but unfortunately, this time, I was not so lucky, suffering severe nausea that culminated in projectile vomiting .... very nasty.

After having a consult with my GP it was decided that I should give the patches a go. I was ensured that very early, (approx 2/3 days in), of being smoke free, that I would noticeably feel better health wise. What BS that turned out to be.

I have been smoke free for 2 whole months now and I don't feel one bit different, apart from the never ending cravings that just won't let up.

I am very reluctant to say, (or even to think this), but I am not sure how long I can keep this up for.

There is still one avenue that I have yet to try, and that is to amalgamate the spray along side the patches.

I am still motivated enough to give this a try. I would sincerely appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.

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Welcome TEAH35 - congratulations on 2 months smoke free, well done!

The cravings should be getting less severe and frequent as each day passes unless you are up and down with the amount of nicotine you are getting from the patches which could be causing the bad cravings, for example, are you taking higher dosage of the patches some days or have you recently decreased the dosage of patches as this will bring on nicotine withdrawals.

Below is a link to a pinned post with common withdrawals from nicotine worth a read if not already done so:

With regards the spray, we have had several members that stopped with the aid of the spray and now addicted to the spray and cannot stop it, so in my opinion, it would not be a good idea to start it.

Also, have you adjusted your routine for your new smoke free lifestyle as this will help with dealing with cravings when you used to smoke in your daily routine?

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

How are you getting on now TEAH35 ?

Vicky681 Year Smoke Free

Hello grany. I am using the patches as well and I am only 1 month smoke free. But my cravings have not been too bad. I am still on first patch and will continue to use for the next 2 weeks and then go down but I have also purchased really strong mints and fidget things for my hands so when I do crave I go for them I hope you keep pushing through and make this your final quit

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