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No Smoking Day
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πŸ˜€ week 9.. 2 months 4 days smoke free

πŸ˜€ week 9.. 2 months 4 days smoke free

Wow.. forgot to check my smoke free progress until now! 9 weeks is great and I'm Day 3 with no patches!

Im having a few cravings today and getting a bit wound up but I just think mmm not another puff πŸ˜€ And have a chocolate bar πŸ˜‹ The weight I will deal with as soon as I feel strong enough!

I went to a pub quiz on Friday.. got drunk (as you do) and had no cravings for a cigarette at all.. I even noticed I hate the smell of smoke lol

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Three good things from this post:

1. You're off the patches (don't worry about getting wound up; it's allowed)

2. You got drunk and didn't get the urge to smoke

3. You've got a good strategy of eating now and worrying about the weight later.

Sounds like you're turning a corner to me Louise!


Great post Louise, well done girl :)


hi Louiseb17

that's great.😁

chocolate mmm 😁

deep breaths when you wanna "slap" someone or something (especially snoring ,ha ha one of my problems,not me hubby πŸ˜’)

anyway the sun is shining,have a great smoke free day 😁 Everyone inc.all have good day

take care 😊

keep kicking 😁


Fab news Louise! Well done you, very impressive on the drunken non smoking :)

Being off the patches is a good feeling, enjoy it xxx

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Well done on 9 weeks and patch-free!

And getting drunk with no urge to smoke! I don't even trust myself to have a glass of wine yet. Go you!


Well done Louise!! I'm super impressed with your drunken night out and no smokes!! Go girl 😁😁

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