First day using champix

Hey guys

First day on champix, felt abit sick but as soon as I ate something I was ok, I am hoping that I'm doing up my garden and will be at college soon these will help keeping my mind of smoking, anyway just wanted to say hi and good luck to people giving up to

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  • Huge welcome to our community Emmacamcri and well done on Day 1 and beginning the best journey of your life. I have no experience for champix but have heard other members that used it that eating something light like dry toast is good before taking it.

    Great idea with the garden and keeping yourself busy. I am almost 11 months quit cold turkey and never looked back. It is a roller coaster of a journey but worth the early days / period of our quits. I done up a to do list to keep me busy for the first month or so. Read up on quitting and addiction. If not already done so read all the pinned post across the way.

    I look forward to reading your progress.... :)

  • Hi Emmacamcri, I too am on Day 1 cold turkey, wishing you strength as the 2 of us begin this journey, we seem to have joined a great support network here :) Congrats on your badge too :)

  • Welcome Emmacamcri , I am just over 2 weeks (relapsed a good few times) but I feel the best I felt in my quit - definitely keep as busy as possible and stay close to here, read up as much as possible and as RoisinO1 said if not already done so read the pinned posts - all of the then as so valuable and helpful in this stage of our quits.

    Looking forward to reading your progress :)

  • Wishing you strength and luck too, it seems a very good group, congratulations on your badge

  • evening Emmacamcri

    I'm just hear to say welcome to our little family.

    you have made a great decision to stop smoking.

    you should read as much as you can.some pinned post have excellent information

    you can get good advice and support on here.

    keep posting.keep in touch

    you take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Welcome Emmacamcri to the forum have a good look around and is you need anything let us know ;)

  • Hi Emma...Warm welcome and as an Champix quitter I cant tip you not to take the morning pill on an empty stomach... I caused nausea for me but after something to eat it was better...

    Yes keep busy, stay strong and push through...You can do it !!

  • Welcome Emmacamcri, have you stopped smoking today or just starting the champix? Beware of life like dreams on champix as well as making sure to eat when taking them. I do know people who have had their dosage changed to help with the above issues. So if you have problems see your doctor. Listen to the long standing quits as they know what they're talking about. Welcome again


  • I have just started on the champix, I have already found that I'm not getting the kick I usually get from smoking

  • Apologies Emmacamcri, I misunderstood, I thought you had started champix and your quit. Its great you are doing the preparation, continue to read up and let us know when you start Day 1 - will just change your badge to approaching Day 1.

  • No worries, just remember that you will need your will power at some stage too. Better sooner while your will power is strong than later. Good luck with your Quit


  • Hi Emma.

    I'm on my 8th day smoke free using champix. I couldn't tolerate the blue tablets, they made me vomit quite badly so my smoking nurse gave me the half dose white ones & ive been fine ever since.

    I love the dreams tho lol

    Champix makes it a whole lot easier but as Trem said you still need some will power!

    Good luck, you can do it !

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