No Smoking Day
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Three weeks in 😊😊

Hi you lovely lot, just thought I’d check in. I’m always reading posts as they really do keep me going but a nearly never post.

Well I’m three weeks without a ciggie today. Champix side effects have really calmed down but I have halved my night time dosage so maybe that’s helped.

I’m still getting lots of thoughts about smoking and if I’m honest, I do miss having a cigarette but I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m craving.

All in all I’m feeling really proud of myself as I had serious doubts when starting champix just over a month ago.

Keep on keeping on folks.. we can do it 😋😋

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Great update Kell48 , congratulations and well done - continue to keep that guard up at all times :)


1 month today Kell48 - how are you getting on? Hope you have a nice treat lined up?


Keep at it kell48, it's a #$@;=+ sometimes butt,(ha) it does have more positives in the long run.. we've just been enjoying the wrong thing. Keep up the posts and Good luck to all🚭🔠 Jeff


Just love success stories Kelly...Well done...We will always miss a Cigarette...It was there in my top pocket for 38 years and I still reaches for it ...No craving just the habit...!

Be proud of yourself and enjoy the rediscovery journey...!!

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hi Kell48

you will get used to the new routine,

it does take a long time to change,


been part of your life,a very big part of it.

your on your way,

take care 😊


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