9 Weeks and forgetting to count

Hi all. Another week went by yesterday ( 9 weeks) and I didn't even notice. I must be making progress from counting the days, to weeks, and now even forgetting to do that.

I have noticed that the fine weather is triggering thoughts of sitting outside enjoying a drink (and a smoke to go with it). Feels quite nostalgic. Was going to reduce the champix to .5 mg daily, but think I'll wait for a bit until this trigger passes.

Stay strong everyone.

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  • 9 weeks your on the other side now. those craves get smaller and shorter your winning

  • The many thinks that you have done with a cigarette hanging from your mouth it's all inbeded I'm your mind a smoke before you go into a big building getting out of the building. I found on a web site were it take a year to get past those triggers that associate a smoke with life moments this will pass good luck you got this

  • Wow... that's amazing!! :) great inspiration thank you

  • hi taurean7

    yes the summer nights/evenings in garden or out and about do remind you of what we used to do 😒

    you have to change your whole look on social life and daily life we learnt how to smoke now we got to learn not to smoke 😒

    its not easy,but so worthwhile 😁

    take care

    enjoy smoke free sunny nights 😁

  • Whoop Whoop! 9 weeks....get in!

    You're doing really well. Keep going.

  • Hey taurean7 - these nostalgic triggers are perfectly normal - be ready to attack, you can do it! It is very common during the summer these triggers, mowing the lawn, bbq's etc... but once you overcome them you won't have it again 8-)

  • Thanks Roisin. Summer certainly smells better without the cigs!

  • I'm eight weeks tommorrow totally smoke free and loving it. I had to go and count the weeks when I read ure post so that's a good sign. We'll done u make sure your always a week ahead of me stay 💪

  • Well done you! Here's to a great smoke-free summer!

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