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No Smoking Day
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30 days tomorrow

Wow. I'm still afraid and don't want to jinx what's going on but.....tomorrow is 30 days cold turkey. The nico demon is dying! I was wondering what the average time was to get rid of the headaches and to start feeling like the new normal is normal?

I also wanted to thank everyone for have such an active website. It has been very motivational and kept me going.

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Congrats! 30 days is a big accomplishment! I am close to 5 months nicotine free and I still get headaches, but I have a history of them so my advice isn't worth much. I will say that at my second month smoke free I started having sleeping issues, but now it has switched from just feeling exhausted. At any rate, I am WAY better off than before so I really can't complain. I take B complex now just to help with energy and I exercise 3-4 times a week to feel all around better. I love my cinnamon trident gum and perrier water. I find that I still have hand to mouth issues (wanting to eat all the time) and having to have something in my hand (like a water or a phone) so I'm just waiting for that to die down. haha! Congrats again and God Bless!! :)


Glad to hear that what I'm feeling is normal. I'm not going back - it won't make me feel better so I have to go forward. I continue to look at this as an adventure - not knowing what new feelings or thought will occur next. Some days it would be nice to just feel normal again. I also find that some days I have reservations about doing something because I know its still a slippery slope and I don't want to fall down. I've also started group exercises hoping it would help with the headaches but not yet.

I hope your energy comes back soon!


Well done..30 days is a super achievement..Lots of things happens on different times..The headache ??? it should go away soon ...I always reccommend some kind of supplementation...We deprived our bodys the abillity (for so long) to naturally look after itself and depended on nicotine and other chemicals to feel good...our systems is confused and there is a chemical war in our brains...we need to rewire...Supplements really speeds up the process.


Thank you Hercu. I'm taking women's vitamins and an additional calcium supplement. Do you recommend some additional supplements? I hope taking Tylenol every day for the headaches isn't doing anything too nasty.


Ah Setbackpatch , it is great to hear from you again and that you are well into your new found healthy life! Well done!

Everyones withdrawal symptoms are unique to them, but if the headaches are getting worse and not easing, l would go for a check up for piece of mind. When we stop smoking we expect to be full of life, feeling fantastic and any aliments we endure blame to stopping - I was the biggest culprit for this, the recovery, rewiring and repairing takes time and is a gradual process but the good news is the body will recover which remarkable. Also, we tend to blame everything on stopping which may not be the case and needs further investigation if getting worse and could be unrelated so I would recommend going to your doctor.....with regards the supplements, your health food shop should be able to advise on the best ones for stopping smoking.....keep us updated :)

PS Below is a link to estimate timelines worth a read if not already done so:



Water water water!! And a visit to a Massage Therapist will help too! Congrats on the 30 days :)


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