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remains positive

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Abratforu1 Year Smoke Free

I wanted to let you all know I am still a non smoker, I bought my last treatment of Champ-ix on Tuesday the 10th .. yup my last pack, I feel a lot stronger but of course there are those days that I have to step up and go nope not going back there. This to me is way so much easier then the previous month of my ups and downs, I wanted to thank you for supporting me when I thought I was going to lose it, I still feel somewhat sad I am trying to smile a bit more.. This whole quitting smoking and my mother passing has been so extreme for me, I am just trying to piece myself back together again, I just want this urge to smoke to get the hell lost.. I will make it of course that I am 100 percent sure of but it would be so very nice to wake up one morning soon and not think of anything but going to work .. I hope for that day soon.

thank you again for your positive words


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HercuValued Contributor

Abratforu..You had tough times and came out in on piece on the other side....!!!

Well done !!!!

Soon you will wake up and smell nature..not even thinking of smoking...and you will be so glad that you became a smoker who don't want to smoke anymore...!!

Complete that last pack of Champix and from there on it just go better each day !!

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Hey Annette, you certainly have done so well with all you have been through - yes, you will wake up soon and not think about smoking - continue to just take it day by day as you deal and come to terms with all that has happened, again, be kind to yourself and know that you doing amazing :)

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mushenValued Contributor

Well I think that you are doing really very well indeed especially taking into account all you have going on in your life at present.

The urge to smoke will pass. In the meantime, just plod on, day by day. You are winning this fight! 😁

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Abratforu1 Year Smoke Free

Thanks friends :)

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50 days today Annette, hope you have a wee treat lined up for yourself, you so deserve it :)

Abratforu profile image
Abratforu1 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

hello Roisin I am so sorry been wrapped up in this crazy life of mine , thank you but It's over 60 now wooohooo :) hope your doing well!

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Abratforu

Great to hear from you Annette, you are doing amazing :)

I am grand thanks - hope you are doing ok?

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badgio1 Year Smoke Free

How's everything going for you Annette

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Abratforu1 Year Smoke Free in reply to badgio

hello I am doing not to bad I had my 2 month on the 30 of October :) thanks for asking :D I am getting there some days are bad some are good

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