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Hi all

Well i have a new name now but i am back again. I wanted to update all of you who knew me on how things are going. It will be 6 Years in Oct and i just cant believe it. For those who are still in there early stages for me i dont think about them at all now its nice being free in more ways than you think my life now is like i never smoked and its GREAT.

I wonder who is about still who knew me back in Oct 2010 when i first joined. There was so much support for us it was brilliant and i want to thank you all for your help and support. If anyone knows me please pop along and say hi.

Anyhow good luck to you all where ever you are in your quit if i can do it so can you. :-)

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  • Welcome clio11, wow 6 years, congratulations and thank you for sharing this to give us all inspiration and hope to follow you.

    Do you remember any names of the members around in your quit. Alot of the members here now don't think go that far back?

  • Tinkerbell, Snow, Captain Crunch to name a few if i think of some more i will update and thank u x

  • ?? what happened clio?! :) don't recognise those names but will do some rooting around for you.

  • I changed my name back to NuttyNurse as most people if they were about would know me as nuttynursee. :-)

  • No, don't seem to be still here NuttyNurse...

  • Shame really as we had a good group. This new site is really different all the names are changed now but maybe just maybe others might take inspiration from my old posts and see that anything is possible as i always say if i can do it so can you x

  • We have a really good group here too, growing slowly but surely.

    I am 9 months smoke free next week cold turkey and this community and really believe I would not be still quit with it... :)

  • I agree this place is a godsend hun i was glad i found it years ago just so much harder to find posts now that the NSD have changed the forum format well done on your quit its a great feeling, not sure if you still have the 1 year penthouse but we did and it was what we all worked towards and you can do it :-) x

  • hi Nuttynursee

    wow.6 years

    what health benefits after that time scale.

    there's so much change in 5 months cant imagine years.

    do you still get cravings

    do you win the habbit battle

    .i know for many on here the habbit keeps trying to get us back to the Demon Smokey.

    its great you have come back nice to hear a 100% winner.

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • No i dont get cravings nothing now its almost like i never smoked. Cant be too complacent though cos u never know when Mr NIc is going to creep in and try and catch u out x Well done on your quit xx

  • On holiday after a row with the better half is when he sneaks up and gets you. GRR

  • 6 years is amazing Nuttynursee (great name by the way!!)

  • Thank you this site was amazing when i quit in 2010 its a great place to make friends and get that support good luck with your quit x

  • It has been a life saver for me

  • Hi Nuttynursee...Thank you for returning with that inspirational message....Whilst in it it is really a matter of prayer...but the further we go it really becomes easier... Yup complacency is the enemy now and the Nic knows that...Thanks once again !!!

  • Congratulations on almost 6 years quit.

  • Thank you for posting its such an inspiration to us newer quitters.

  • Amazing!!! Thank you for coming back a sharing your advice.

  • Well done on reaching 6 years and sharing your update. My mum stopped 3years ago and feels the same as yourself. Although she does not miss smoking in the slightest she does say 'never say never'. She gets the odd craving but dismisses it as soon as it comes. Mind you she always has a bag of fruit sweets in her bag which also helps!

  • OMG!!!!! Hello my lovely. Its so good to see an old face on here. Congrats on your 6 years. I had a small relapse but have been quit again for almost 4 months. No where near as bad as the first time. No knitting needed :) I'm at the stage of trying not to throw up on people who smoke as they smell so disgusting and again can't believe that I let myself go back to doing it.

    I'm not a fan of the new forum layout so not on here too much.

    Hope everything is good for you lovely lady. Really good to hear from you <3

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