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Day 29 No Smoking on Champix

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Lexree1 Week Smoke Free

I'm so excited I wanted to share with you all at tomorrow Sunday is my 1 month-30 Day's no Cigarettes like I've said before I have been vaping 0 nicotine since my quitting date which was January 1st and my husband is a little concerned that maybe I am going from one thing to another!!!

I personally feel that I probably will be vaping for another couple months or until I just feel that I don't need it anymore but at this point I still feel I need the hand to mouth but I have no Cravings to have a cigarette. If somebody could give me some advice on vaping that would be great!!!

Tomorrow is also my last day on Champix I couldn't be more happier and I will write about that later on today! Any feedback is great thank you.....


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NozmoValued Contributor

Hello April, congratulations on one month!

I personally think you're doing the right thing by taking your time with the ecig. It took me six months to wean myself off mine but there's no benchmark; just do it when you feel ready. I worked my way down to 0% nicotine but you're already there so don't need any help with that!

What I found useful was cutting it out in certain situations. First of all I decided I was going to stop using it at work. When that went alright I stopped using it bit by bit (in the car, in the house etc...) The last two places to go were in the pub and before I got on a plane. I hate flying and love the pub so they were my two hardest tests :-)

To be honest it was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I eventually stopped thinking about it and just sort of drifted away from it.

Hope this helps...keep up the good work!

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Hey April, good to hear from you.... Nozmo gave excellent advice there on the vaping, with regards finishing champix tomorrow, going by other members here, try to stock up on herbal supplements, you should be grand though as doing most of the hard work yourself at this stage.....

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Lexree1 Week Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Any suggestions on herbal supplement?

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Lexree

Due to posting guidelines unable to list/name any products - if you google herbal supplements for nicotine withdrawal you should get some good suggestions.....

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Hi April ..quitting smoking is your priority now ! Staying strong and doing whatever distract your mind from smoking is very human and you have to give yourself the highest credit for it .Also if you are doing nicotine free is even better

! So your body will be clear of nicotine that’s amazing

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Mirosa1 Year Smoke Free


Congratulations on your achievement.

I am off nicotine all together I am not vaping and am on champix second month. I am feeling kind of drowsy and still have triggers and urges for smoldering cigarette but I don't smoke!!!



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Hidden in reply to Mirosa

Great Mirosa ...I quit smoking with Chantix ..those urges are very normal and those will last shorter and shorter as you go ...I love the Chantix program is just much easier but stay strong do not smoke ..Im 7month clear and I’m amazed of my progress !! Keep it up you done with cigs forever !!!🙂

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Mirosa

50 days smoke free today Mirosa, congratulations and well done!!

PS Is your cover picture of Prague? Is that where you are from?

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Mirosa1 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Actually yes I was born in Prague but I am us citizen.

I am retired so it is between Utah and Czech republic.

I've been living in US for forty years. My permanent address is in Salt Lake City UT.

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Mirosa

Beautiful city, been there about 10 years ago on a city break, the picture just reminded how nice it is :)

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Mirosa1 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Yes indeed Prague is very beautiful.

Woo hoo Lexree!!! Huge well done on 30 days.

I took chantix and weaned off of it. I highly recommend that if you can. Cutting tabs in half doses then to 1 dose 1x of day etc. Makes coming off them MUCH easier.

Also i think it's ok to say an omega 3 tab your choice of brand and vit C and of course daily multi vitamin.B vitamin complex is also essential (in good multi's they have correct doses of the complex

If this is not ok please let me know Roisin O1 and I apologize if not.

I will add i am not a dr or diagnosing or prescribing anything. Just stating this is what helped me.

Again well done on your 30 days quit. The best is yet to come if you keep it up. NOPE Not One Puff Ever & Never Take Another Puff :)

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Lexree1 Week Smoke Free in reply to Exsmo

Yesss love this post and Thank you your kind words and suggestions mean a lot...

Day 31 Feeling Great👍Smoke Free

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