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No Smoking Day
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Day one

Hi everyone, This is Day One of my fourth attempt. I quit before for over six months but that has been my longest. I don't really want to quit and I really enjoy smoking but I know I need to quit. Day one again and it's taking an awful lot of willpower not to go and buy some cigarettes. Feelings of loss already starting and I couldn't be more bored lol anyway hello all and hopefully today goes well

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Huge welcome to our community Niamh88 and congratulations on Day 1 - the beginning of the best journey of your life :)

You say 'I don't really want to quit and I really enjoy smoking but I know I need to quit' - this definitely reads that you do in fact really want to quit but its your mind that has been wired to think you enjoy smoking - so I would suggest doing a list what you enjoy about smoking versus what you don't enjoy about smoking - think you will struggle with reasons why you enjoy it!

Keep yourself as busy as possible, drink lots of water, deep breathing, listening to music, be kind to yourself, baths, pampering anything but putting a ciggie to your mouth. I quit over 22 months ago cold turkey and it truly was one the best things I have done in my life, yeah, it was a bumpy road, very bumpy road at times but so worth it. You will never ever regret quitting. Below is a pinned post with helpful pinned links if not already read:


Stay close to us and look forward to reading how you are getting on!

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Hello and welcome Niamh88

Ah, I remember Day 1 very well indeed. Actually I had more than 1 of them as well!

I know it is hard so try to take things a it bit a time. I never wanted to give up either, I really enjoyed smoking but let's face it, the chances of it killing you are 50% so quitting is the only alternative.

Stick with it. Do anything that helps to stop you smoking. It will be worth it.

You got this! 😊


Thanks guys! It's been a horrendous first day... Probs the worst I've ever had but I don't want to have to repeat it so I'll trudge on. Going to make that list tonight!!

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You will be so much strong tomorrow Niamh88, I promise !

Post anytime :)


I too thought I didn't want to quit and that smoking was a pleasure, but I knew I needed to stop. Yes it was hard at first, but each day I didn't smoke my resolve got stronger. My health and my bank account are grateful for my strength. I hardly think about smoking now but I do remember feeling a sense of loss almost grieving, but I had smoked a long time it was a big part of my life, but I enjoy my life more now more money to spend on real pleasure and no more coughing and wheezing. You can do this keep strong

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Hi Niamh88,

Well done on your first day - hopefully you managed to resist the temptation(?)

I know how you feel; even after a couple of months I still occasionally think that I miss it and want to smoke again (well, pretty regularly in fact). I've quit more times than I can remember, sometimes for years, but the 'oh I'll only have one ciggy' thought always leaded me back to full time smoking.

There are tonnes of great people and resources on this site. I've tried 'Easyway', Paul McKenna Hypnosis, cold turkey, patches and am now on champix (to stop taking them in two weeks) but the thing that's helped me most is 'NOPE' - Not One Puff Ever.

All the best with your quit.



Well how is Day 2 going for you Niamh88 ?


How is things going Niamh88 ?


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