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What do YOU do when...

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LeesaD2 Years Smoke Free

you have a super craving. I don't actually have one, however I would love to hear what you do when you get a bad one.

no matter how weird wacky or strange they sound. Or even plain simple and normal.

I actually don't know how many days I've quit now, for some reason I'm not counting as well this time. Maybe Roisin can help lol 😁

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HercuValued Contributor

Leesa...I indulged in chocolates...Tons of it...(Never gained weight, lucky me !!)

Green tea with sugar... has got the ingredient, Thianine that calmes you down and really helped me with the cravings..!!

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Farihus1 Year Smoke Free

i just think about the benefits like how my skin and teeth will improve and how confident I'll be! Proving to myself I am strong enough :)

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Hey LeesaD - your new quit date was 23 June, so on your 3rd day! Well done!

For me, to beat the cravings especially the super big ones , I immediately took time out for myself, drank water - lots of it, if at work or out and about I just nipped to the loo for 5 minutes and do some breathing (inhale and exhale for 5-6 seconds 5 times) and if you can, come on here and post - if very bad an SOS post. If can't get to come in here, try anything to take your mind off the cravings, listen to a song you love, call a friend - *REMEMBER* cravings at the most last only minutes and ease then, but please do come on here to share if having a bad day. It worked every time for me and almost 2 years quit :)

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LeesaD2 Years Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

thanks Roisin, great advice.

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Exfirecracker9 Months Smoke Free in reply to LeesaD

Great tips RoisinO1 , thanks for sharing!

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