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When do you become a non smoker

runmeg3 Years Smoke Free

Its day 81 and I havent smoked over 2400 cigs but I still feel as though I am a smoker, a smoker who is trying to kick the habit

When can you really say ' I am not a smoker '

Dont get me wrong I feel 100% better, healthy,  but it's hard work each day to feel like this

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Joe22 Years Smoke Free

Im not sure im coming up to 60 days and still feel like im in recovery some days are better than others but i still feel like im a smoker that dont smoke lol if that makes any sense😆

Lucy12552 Years Smoke Free in reply to Joe2

Agree I'm coming up to 60 days and I still feel like a smoker.......no clue either 

runmeg3 Years Smoke Free

Makes total sense Joe, lol, hubby keeps saying he is so proud of me, but I still feel as though I am a smoker and just pretending 

HiddenValued Contributor in reply to runmeg

hi runmeg. Joe .

I know what you mean.i can visualise me smoking.why I don't want to smoke.but I can see it.not in future but in past.weired

I don't know when we can say were none smokers.

we can say were smokers who are not smoking .?

I'm not sure.but we must keep Smokey away.were far better without him.we don't Need him.

all take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

Firecrow69 in reply to runmeg

Yup me too.

Sometimes  wake up thinking I was smoking the night  before  but haven't. 


Great work Runmeg! 

I don't think I really felt like a ex smoker or comfortable in my quit until I was maybe 6 months, but it started gradually after 3 months, not long to go now for you, don't loose faith, as it is coming soon.....I promise!

runmeg3 Years Smoke Free

I trust you Roisin - bring on the 6 month mark cant wait to feel tnat buzz

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to runmeg

I felt like that too about feeling if I was cheating or not really quit too, think it is the surprise of accepting how well and strong we have been in our quits

NozmoValued Contributor

Good question runmeg. I suppose we can only say we're not a smoker when it feels perfectly natural to do so. I'm certainly not there yet.

Tracey31 Year Smoke Free

Oh at the thought of being shunned, I would indeed like to add, I totally understand what your saying, I previously had a quit for over a year, and while saying your a none smoker is very true, because we are all none smokers,  as time passes those thoughts just stop occurring,  and you realise you just don't smoke, it was quite a revelation when it happened to me. Like anything in life, particularly with quitting a addiction, we may have thoughts from time to time about smoking, but that's ok, we are all quitting a very very powerful drug.

Great post

runmeg3 Years Smoke Free

To summarise ' we are all on the way to becoming non smokers, maybe today, tomorrow, but whenever it is we will all reach it when it is right for us' 

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