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No Smoking Day
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Side effects

I don't think the side effects of smoking are highlighted clearly enough. Of course I know about lung damage and everything else but the one thing that was never clearly pointed out was potential tooth loss. They call it gum disease but it isn't really is it? – it's loss of jaw bone which makes the gums recede and so opens pathways to infection. I may lose some teeth yet and that pains me more than anything else. If I'd known that the chemicals in tobacco would eat away at my bones years ago I would have stopped earlier, definitely. Now I can only brush and floss and hope that my teeth won't start to wobble and fall out. Who do I sue because I was always under the impression that rolling tobacco was less harmful than straight cigarettes? Who misinformed me? It's jaw bone loss, ladies and gents, not gum disease in the first instance. Or am I wrong?

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