Almost a month

Hi all.

I can't believe I hit the one month mark here on Saturday. Who would have ever thought I would have done it? I certainty didn't. How do you change a habit of twelve years? A lot easier than I thought. Once I got past the initial couple of weeks the rest seemed to fall

Into place. I still have dark days but they're fewer and further between.

I came of the nicotine patches on Saturday so have been completely cold turkey for 5 days and I feel great. My brain and routine still says "right lets have a smoke now" then I remember I don't anymore and that's when I find it hard. I still instinctively go to grab a fag from my jacket but then I remember.

I am going to do something significant on Saturday. I recently moved from Ireland to Edinburgh and I have a Friend coming over to visit so that will be good and I intend on celebrating this milestone.

Bye cigarettes. Close the door on your way out.

How is everyone else getting on? I wouldn't have got past this month without you guys so thank you!

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  • Congratulations Matt, you've done really well, especially considering how rough you've been feeling.

    Reading your post brought it all back about the unexpected cravings. I used to instinctively go my my lighter in my pocket too and I also found those times the hardest to deal with. They DO disappear!

    Enjoy the weekend! (Edinburgh's a lovely city)

  • Great update Matt and congrats on your move from Ireland to Edinburgh (are you Irish?).

    Yes, that reaching for a cigarette brought back the memories too for me, mine was sitting at the laptop in the evenings after work, reaching to the shelf to take down the ashtray, lighter and box of cigs, it was weird but faded away after a month or so.

    Enjoy your first big milestone of 1 month with your friend on Saturday, ya deserve it :)

  • I am indeed.

    I know. There will be a large beer with my name on it 😂

  • WTG Matt28 !!! Happy to hear of your success this far. Keep up the positive mindset!!



  • Brilliant news!! You've really taken control back! We're at a similar time point and I am thinking I need to get rid of the e cig soon.

    It's so lovely to see the pure joy you have going on in your post, the celebration. Well done love, well done!! 😊

  • Ah thanks so much! Love this support group!

  • Ps: am loving being smoke free... massive daily reminders as to why I gave up!

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