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Almost 4 months smoke free

Josie12181 Year Smoke Free

I have not posted in a long time so I figured I would just update my status. Happy to report I am 5 days short of 4 months smoke free. I never thought I would be able to do this after being a pack a day smoker for 36 years. Life is good!

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Josie12181 Year Smoke Free

That was to read pack not back.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Josie1218

9 months today Josie1218 - how are you getting on?

Laureenc1 Year Smoke Free

It's shocking to really put the addiction in its place. You're doing great. I'm sure you've had some rough patches and those will happen, but wow- almost four months. What keeps you most motivated after all this time? How do you feel physically?


Great to hear from you Josie1218 and glad you are plodding along nicely, well done :)

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor


Hidden in reply to CocoaXChange

hi CocoaXChange

how are you.

hope all is well.

take care 😁

keep kicking 😎

CocoaXChangeValued Contributor in reply to Hidden

All is good. Bon Weekend.


hi Josie1218

your doing great but always be on guard,you never know when the "fall" will apear.lots have had a fall,me included 6 months 😒

you can do this 😁

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

Yeah!!! Am a month behind you. Smoked 35 years and didnt think i could either. Would you share the benefits of 4months compared to 3months? Am struggling a bit bc i e seen little benefit yet. Sick 2months of quit. Have another disorder this could be complicating so am searching for every benfit to remind myself of.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Exsmo

Have you signed up to progress update application Exsmo - I find it great to see how far I have come and the benefits especially the health ones.

It is called

Here is my current stats:

Your Recovery


Years 3 Months Since You Quit Smoking

Cravings Phase Progress 100% Complete

Heart Rate Recovery 100% Complete

Blood Pressure Recovery 100% Complete

Carbon Monoxide Removal 100% Complete

Nicotine Removal 100% Complete

Increase Levels Of Energy 100% Complete

Circulation Recovery 100% Complete

You Will Now Live 157 Days, 5 Hours, 0 Minutes Longer On Average

Your Health Risks

Risk Of Heart Attack 85%

At Risk Risk Of Heart Disease 85%

At Risk Risk Of Stroke 55%

At Risk Risk Of Lung Cancer 88%

At Risk Risk Of Throat Cancer 77% At Risk

(For every year reached smoke free, the above continue to reduce, will probably be another 5 years or so to get to 0% but I am well on the way!!)

Your Addiction You Have Resisted Over 20,565 Cigarettes Since You Became A Non Smoker

13,030,242 People Have Died From A Smoking Related Illness

Since You Quit Smoking You Have Saved Over €16,452.33 By Quitting Smoking

You Spent Over €151,001.67 On Cigarettes While You Were A Smoker

It is important to remember that it takes some people longer to see the benefits than others especially if looking out for them, I thought I would be fit as a fiddle as soon as I stopped but it doesn't work that way, it is a slow gradual recovery and repair journey but the remarkable thing is the body does and will recover and its up to you how you take the recovery, for me, I embraced each day smoke free

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