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3rd day quit cold turkey!!!! When will I notice the benefits :)

Farihus1 Year Smoke Free

Hi my fellow quitters :)

Soo a bit of back ground, I am 26 and have been smoking exactly ten years! This year in particular I started to see the damage smoking was doing to me..

1. From having amazing skin I now notice a really dull complexion and very dry

2. Lack of energy/motivation

3. hair thinning

4. I am naturally a slim girl but I eat well and should be gaining weight but struggle I think smoking is keeping me under weight!

Anyway few main reasons why I decided to quit! Wasn't easy I got anxiety and depression on the thought of quitting. I tried allen carrs easy and vaping but I swear it made me smoke more. so finally last week I found a quit smoking hypno video/audio on youtube.. friday evening after work gave it a go smoked my last cigarette and that has been it! I went dentist today got my teeth cleaned.

I am deffo finding it easier than i thought. I dont want to light up the thought makes me sick! but my body deffo is in need of some nicotine. I am not giving in Mind over Matter!

I have got a sore throat since quitting and also felt quiet light headed (Body isn't used to so much oxygen)

I was hoping you guys could give me some things I can expect and when I can expect to get brighter eyes and skin etc !! You know the visible physical changes after quitting!

Thank you :) x

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Welcome Farihus and congratulations on day 3 quit, after today the nicotine will be out of your system and the mental battle and recovery will start as your mind and body begins to re-wire and repair. Everyone's quit is unique to them and time frames differ for each of us. I quit cold turkey too over 21 months ago and would say I noticed the physical and mental benefits from the 3 to 6 months mark. The money saving was seen straight away - below is a link to a progress monitoring app which tells you how long you are quit and your recovery progress, I still use it to monitor my progress as it is a long recovery journey but the body is a remarkable healer :)


Below is also some helpful tips if not already read:


We look forward to reading your updates when you can :)

HercuValued Contributor

Fari.... Beautifull introductery post and warm welcome...very open minded and you attacked this quit possitve and surely it is a mind over matter thing...The ten years addiction will not be easily shaken but with your attitude totally possible...!

It would be unfair to tell you that within the next few days you will be back to that sparkling 16 year old girl before you smoked...with nice shiny thick hair and a glooming skin....Nicotine as you stated break our mind and body piece by piece untill we decide to stop...For some of us the damage is irreversable but by stopping there is a huge gain in life quality..!!

In the beginning we remember only the nice things of a cigarette but as time goes on we start to rediscover the nice things in life without that stinking cigarette...!

I think your body is glad you are not drowning it in all that chemicals and it is your mind wanting that nicotine fix...your Happy chemical receptors is hijacked by nicotine and now your brain tells you that the only way to be happy is to smoke...

Good thing you went to the mouth hygeinist and first visable improvement is lovely white teeth...Fari 1 Nicotine 0

Yes, you might gain weight but can easilly be dropped because you will want to practise more because you will get much more oxygen than now..and you wil live happily to loose that weight...!

Nicotine is a very serious drug Fari...and one of the, if not the, strongest addictions there is and very difficult to overcome but with your strong willpower you can and will do it...!!!

Take this journey day by day, embrace it and enjoy it ..!! It is a rollercoaster ride..!!

Remeber the visual physical changes does not come easy but it does come...when ? it depends what you are doing !!!!!!


Exfirecracker9 Months Smoke Free

How are you Farihus - as advised already, everyone is different in their quit, I am 2 weeks today and have noticed my smell and tastes have heightened dramatically - can smell 'fresh' air now, and gosh food never tasted so good, I presume there will be alot more physically benefits yet to come for us, which is great to look forward to...

Farihus1 Year Smoke Free

Goodluck with it! Yes My senses are getting better also! I can smell my co-workers reeking of fags

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Farihus

It is really horrendous Farihus and to think we smelled like that, all in the past now :D

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