Week 2

Hey everyone! I'm on day 8 and I'm extremely proud of myself. I was worried how things would go this pass weekend but everyone was very supportive, which meant a lot to me. I' be also notice my appetite increasing so I started working out yesterday. I didn't have 1 craving yesterday so I'm going to adopt exercising more...my children are very proud of me which has been very helpful. Cravings come n go, but I'm just taking 1 step at a time!

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  • Welcome cldan and congratulations on 8 days smoke free :) Keep up that attitude and plan, you are doing great!

  • Thank you so much...I really appreciate it!

  • Well done on getting this far cldan am still eating more after 6 months ha but starting my diet tomorrow also got loads of energy now keep at it your doing well 👌

  • Lol...I totally understand...I'm eating everything in site these day...but i guess it beats a cigarette...did you gain any weight?

  • I have but not much cuz am very active walking everywhere ha x

  • Well done!! Nothing like feeling in control and this is such a super place to be supported and celebrate. Congrats :)

  • Thanks! This is an awesome site...I'm so glad i found it this early on..😍

  • Me too 🙏🏻💪🏻😍

  • Well done you! Huge achievement and don't worry about eating everything in site. I was the same, and it tailed off after a few weeks into a healthy appetite. Doesn't food taste fantastic now!

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