12 Days and counting

Well since I had that near fatal asthma attack I haven't touched a fag. I really do think if many new what its like to go without air until you black out many would stop smoking fags. Plus seeing people in chest ward fighting to breathe. I must say I do feel better in myself.

Thinking about it sitting in a room smoking all day sleeping in same room as well it was bound to happen plus catching a cold of my boy.

Hope others on here are thinking of giving it up plus the money side is a big bonus.

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  • Hiya Dodo and a big warm welcome to quit support😊

    Well done on 12 days quit, great achievement👍🏼and I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with your asthma😱 It's good that you're feeling better in yourself now and here's to a healthier and wealthier future for you. Thankyou for sharing your quit with us and if ya need anything just shout. Our mantra is NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭

  • I really do think taking children around the hospital wards seeing people fighting to breathe because of smoking would turn them off BEFORE they start because once hooked it takes ALOT of will power to quit. Thank you for encouragement.

  • I haven't smoked now for 4 years. I stopped when I had my heart attack. The smoking had hardened my arteries and a lump broke off and blocked the supply of blood that feeds the heart muscle. I died 4 times on the way to the hospital to get it fixed. I haven't smoked since then. It was smoke and die or don't smoke and live. I chose to live of course. Faced with that choice it was easy to stop my 30 to 40 a day habit. I think it's the same for you Dodo keep going. Well done on 12 days. That great work. It's only will power that's needed and motivation.

  • Glad your better . My Dad stopped when the Doctor told him he'd lose his legs plus he had coal dust Bronchitis. He quit straight away. Nothing like a big warning of death or loss of limbs to give one that boost to quit.

  • Massive congrats Andy for 4 years quit, so glad you made the right choice and thanks for your support😊

  • Well Done and keep going day 12 is excellent I am on day 18 so understand how you are feeling That's hope we both can kick this deadly habit The support from this site will help I find it an excellent aid Take Care Keep going and NOPE

  • To think all that money wasted and spending it to damage ourselves now looks insane. Feel healthier cant explain it really , clean more fresh and getting the munchies something awful lol.

  • Well done Gary on 18 days and it's great to see ya helping Dodo, you can keep each other going. You're both doing great👍🏼😊

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