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No Smoking Day
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21 days cold turkey and never going back

Hello all. 21 days today! Cold turkey, without a doubt has been the best way for me. In the past I've tried the nicotine gum, patches, Chantix, and e cigs. None of them worked because I always had nicotine in my system and I was always craving for more. The first weeks are hard but they are supposed to be. My theory is that we are addicts just like an alcoholic or drug usesrs. We don't give an alcoholic just 1 drink or a heroin addict, just one dose. Therefore, we as nicotine junkies, shouldn't have nicotine. It just makes the cravings longer and gives us that crutch. We must learn to get over this nightmare of smoking on our own. Look the monster in the eye and say NO MORE. I feel blessed and free!!!

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I love that. That's how I was, it was all or nothing. My personality wouldn't let me have a little then slowly ease off. It works for some but not me, I needed to stop cold turkey or just not stop .


I take my hat off to you Seangrill, 21 days is fantastic.


Well done Seangrill


Seangrill...Huge congrats on your 21 Days CT... your theory on all or nothing carries weight and apreciated.The only correction I would like to do is that alcoholics and drug addicts are taken up in institutes where they get professional cessation treatment...Which includes the slow withdrawel of the apllicable drug and or either sleep theropy.

We nicotine junkies must do it on our own on whatever method works for us and thankfully with the help of this wonderful forum .... So what I actually wanted to say is lets allow every one to get rid of this very nasty addiction on the easiest way they could find...

You stated you have tried all the methods in the past wich means you stopped and started a few times...Hope this cold turky one is really the one for you and your final try....!!!!

It really depends on person to person....

I never tried to stop and smoked heavy for 38 years and used Champix on my first attempt due to a COPD warning and I will never smoke again...I am smober for 21 months now i.e....651 days..!!


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