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I'm here again

Hello all , here I am again , after about a year of being off this site

I gave up for a month , but don't think it was my time to quit at that time .

So here I am again trying to do it again

I've done a week now without any cigs

My problem is when I have a drink !!!

The evil sticks get the better of me and my will power

Also when I stop smoking I feel really down when normally I'm a positive person .

And I want that feeling to go so I think that's why I go back to them

I know they are winning , and I hate them for that

I'm taking one day at a time at the moment, and can only wait and see how I get on , I'm trying not to put to much pressure on myself this time , as The pressure I put on myself last time only made me relapse 😡

and I know the worst is yet to come

This site really did help and support me last time , so I hope nobody minds me rejoining

Well done everyone on all your fantastic achievements


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hi Jojulian27

we all have tried to stop smoking several times ,but I think you know when its your turn

Don't think so much on what your missing 😒

Don't think of your usuall routine 😒

I would avoid the drink,if that's your demon 😈

only Temporarily ha ha

just don't stop trying to stop 😁

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎

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Ah welcome back Jojulian27 (Jodie) - off course we don't mind you re-joining, delighted to have you back :)

The most important thing from a relapse is that you learn from it and come back fighting that you never let it happen again, if alcohol is an issue for you then you know what you have to do (avoid it at all costs until you are strong enough in your quit). You said you don't want to put pressure on yourself and that caused you to relapse - I think you should pressure on yourself to succeed but not unnecessary pressure, for example, being surrounded by smokers, temptation of smoking by having a pack available to you and your biggie - alcohol. Focus and determination is vital in succeeding and if not 100% committed to quitting, then relapse is very likely.

Stay close to us and if struggling do up an SOS post, below are some helpful posts

PS Feeling down is perfectly normal when we quit as we are grieving the loss of our so called friend but it will pass - you will never regret quitting but will always regret not quitting :)


Welcome back Jojulian27

I completely understand the connection with drink. For me the two things went hand in hand and as soon as I had a drink the thoughts of smoking cropped up. I honestly think that it's just a question of breaking the habit and if you can do three or four nights out without a smoke you'll get used to it and it will gradually bother you less and less.. It was easier for me because I was using an e-cig so I had a substitute but I don't even have that now.

Good luck with this quit and I hope we can help you along.

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hi Jodie One day at time is the way to go, I used to great dreadful panic attacks when I thought I could never have another smoke but when I thought about one day at a time it became alot less scary and managable, and stay of the sauce till your stronger😉!!! You can do it

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Hi nettynoono,

Thankyou for your advice

I've got an e cig

But I am only going to use it when I'm having a drink.

And only if I'm absolutely desperate and think I might cave 😱 Will I use it

As I don't want to use one of them either

And I'm going to get a non

Nicotine one .

Thanks again 😀😀

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I used an e-cig to quit. I used it for a couple of weeks to get over the initial stages and then after about a week and a half, cut down the nicotine before going to 0mg liquid. It did not take long about 2 and a half weeks in total. What I can tell you is that stopping using an e-cig is nothing like stopping smoking. Just do what works for you.

Don't think about not smoking ever again, direct your focus to here and now. Think about the next hour or day only.

Good luck! 🙂


Thanks for the good advise mushen 😊

Yes I think you are so right , when I think about never smoking again , it makes me feel down

To be honest , I've felt so down since I my last cigarette 😪I'm having a bad day today , the worst of the weeks quit

1 week in

No ryhme or reason to it

I just want to go to bed every night at 6pm , and have been doing just that 😩


That is exactly what I did during my first few weeks. Bed was probably the only place I did not associate with smoking, so when it all got a bit too much, I just went to bed!

Don't stress out too much. It will get better and better. I smoked for decades so I know just how you feel. I felt like I was missing out on something, being deprived of my 'reward' system and, it has to be said, envious of others who smoked. It passes, just hang in there. This is not forever.

Post if you need us. We're all here. ☺


Thank you 😊 👍😊😊😊

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