i no im past the point of return i no i have my dates to quit nicotine but i feel today that i want throw in towel dont no why i no ive achieved everything so far maybe its last of quitting stage

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  • Treacle....This is the piont where if you have a patch of lawn go and mow the lawn, otherwise Vacuum the carpet again, dust down the ornaments, make yourself a cup of sweet black tea, sit outside if possibble and sip that cup of tea.....and forget about smoking....It is now M\mind over matter, Fight or flight...Please choose fight....Attack Don't defend....Strongs !!!!

  • im chosing fight but today is a struggle ive achieved so much but just feel like throwing towel in today dont no why cause im so posative about quitting

  • Thank you treacle...Strongs !!

  • treacle1965 - DONT GIVE UP, you have been such a support to me through my quit and kept me going (along with many others on here)...

    There is only so much support I can send in a message but I am thinking of you and willing you on from my keyboard... Stay strong and do your best to distract yourself - have a nice relaxing bath, light some candles, get some fresh air, deep breaths, chocolate etc. whatever works for you.

    Sending mahoosive cyber hugs to you and look forward to your next post saying that you didn't give in... we're all here for you.

    Stay strong!!

    Mel x

  • just cant work out why feel like this i achieved so much past point no return maybe its my body trying one more last ditch i dont no im so positive achieved so much

  • Keep positive - you can do it!! x

  • i will do it with everyone help ill get through today sorry for sos

  • Nothing to be sorry for chick - hope you're feeling better today ;-)

  • Do not cave in! You have expended way too much energy and effort to give in now.

    For me, the first stage of quitting was hard but at the same time, I felt as if I was actively doing' something. Then, after a while, possibly at the stage you are at now, it all became really boring. The novelty wore off and I almost felt as if it was all way too much effort to carry on. These feelings coupled with the idea that I could probably have a single cigarette and it would be OK, combined and made me want to smoke again.

    Stick with it. Do not make my mistake and give in. Try not to forget that you have two choices as regards smoking.

    1. Smoke forever until you die which may be sooner than anticipated due to the side effects of cigarettes (and premature death is a big side effect).

    2. Quit.

    You have already quit so if you give in now, you are going to have to do it all over again unless of course you intended to smoke forever.

    You can do this. Just keep plodding along.


  • i will keep plodding on not going give in just dont understand why im like this

  • Perhaps you are just having a rubbish day or few days. You can do this. Keep posting. You are not alone ☺

  • i no im not alone i agree its bad day ive come to far but just how i felt today why put sos out i no it be fine tomorrow and ill be back counting days end march cut down nicotine to 3mg

  • I can so relate to you , I think it was week 5 for me. I had a couple days were I thought of nothing else. Everyone told me how good I was doing and how proud they were of me. I just wanted to scream that they had no clue what I was really going through. I just took it a minute at a time. Breathe deep, hold blow it out slowly, chew on a straw, chew gum. Do anything not to give in. You are determined, just think how far you have come😃😃 we are all here for you!

  • thankyou so much feeling past now think if didnt put sos out yesterday way was feeling might of started again but i havnt still vaping no thoughts starting again im proud what ive done so far and a goal in sight im not going cave in not with such good friends made here not going let them down either

  • yes ive quit no dont want start again just bad day today yes novelty wore off now im leading normal life without no cigerettes only vape im going carry on not going give in not letting myself and my friends here own i promise that

  • Sorry for the late reply treacle1965 - In 2 days time, you will be 50 days quit, that is amazing and some achievement.

    Have you reduced your dosage of the vaping recently. Are you doing anything today that you would really associated with smoking in the past, have you had alot of caffeine? I stopped drinking coffee when I quit and 18 months later, have not gone back on it as it still triggers a craving, are you keeping busy or stressed than usual, try and find out what is causing it and how you can overcome it - once you do that, you can work out how to overcome them or avoid in the future.

    At almost 50 days quit, the cravings should not be this severe....

    Will be around for the rest of the evening so post anytime.

    PS Maybe plan a nice treat for your 50 Days!

  • my arthertis in my knees were painfull maybe that triggered it off but reduce vape end march then total nicotine on my 52 birthday in may

  • thats the plan anyway might change earlier but trying keep to the plan

  • That could be it....

  • could be only thing that was different today

  • im sorry anyway for doing sos guys

  • Ah Treacle, you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for and I am delighted you are using as it is intended for, wish more members would use if struggling bad :)

  • You have nothing to apologise for. ☺

  • Nice soak in a bath and some oils to massage on knees, nothing beats a bit of pampering after a rough day :)

  • thats what im planning later then take some painkillers and go bed lol

  • Much better Idea than mowing the lawn with that bad knee...!!!

  • hey treacle sorry to hear todays been a bit tough for you, hope your feeling a wee bit better now, i had a funeral today and wasnt sure how i was going to cope but surprisingly didnt have any urges mabey 1 when we were all standing outside but that passed before i knew it :) tomorrows another day and im sure it will be a better one for you.

  • yes im determined tomorrow going be better im not going give up now but today felt like giving everything ive done why done sos but now feel lot better and back on track now

  • That's great and you'll be all the more stronger for it!! :D

  • yes stronger tomorrow again cant wait back to normal carry on completing my personal goals think pain i had triggered it off having people round me who smoke dosnt effect me the smell rurn my tummy now so i no past point no control

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