No Smoking Day

Respiratory problems

Who else had respiratory problem and still after stopping to smoke keeps having them?

Like I been to doctors a lot scared that I have problems with my lungs...witch my lungs come out clean but my broncos have pleghm so I got to keep taking meds and albuterol with I developed a sore throat and my voice different..this not easy for me wen I have anxiety and get panic attacks due to everything going on all at once!! Please tell me is not only me going through this!😷😭

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Hey Lashorty787

Please see my reply and other replies from your first post a few days ago. Everyone's experience varies but the phlegm and sore throat is a good sign that your body is repairing, try my suggestions, also, with regards the anxiety, we wouldn't have the experience here on this community but if you try this community

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Hi there try not to worry to much as your whole body and mind is going through big changes , I to have and have had all the above happen to me , I'm on 7 months smoke free , my breathing is not so good so as a ex runner I'll be moving my ass a bit more and stop eating the wrong bad stuff , try walks, jogs cycle , etc, good for the mind and lungs belive me , take care 👊👍


The first couple weeks were tough for me. But it seems like after the first two weeks my asthma improved, and so did my anxiety. I swear I could have written this post two weeks ago, it sounded so much like myself! The nicotine withdrawal temporarily made everything a bit worse, then it got much better. Hang in there. Another thing to keep in mind is sometimes the asthma medications can cause a bit of anxiety. I will tell myself there is nothing wrong with me, it's just the medicine and that usually helps me calm down.


I went to the doctor yesterday and they say my lungs are clear but my bronchioles have pleghm and I been like this already for a month even thou I only been smoke free for like 2 weeks almost 3...I'm just worried this never going to get better!

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I promise Lashorty, it will get better :) - stay strong, you will be posting in another week or so how much better things are!


Hi Lashorty, I haven't smoked for 6 days now and have to keep clearing my throat, my voice has got hoarser all of a sudden and am still quite wheezy in the evening. Apparently this is all quite normal as the lungs are starting to shake off the tar and rubbish that we have coated them with all these years and all the above are signs that our lungs are starting to heal :) Well done all of us :)


I'm just worried I might have chronic bronchitis or emphysema lately I been feeling very tired like I feel like IMA just fall asleep .my eyes literally close on there own..then I've been a month already with phlegm.. Idk anymore if to worry or if I'm going crazy!!


hi Lashorty787

hopefully today (Fri) you are feeling better 😊

(sorry for late reply)

I had issues.I was told I was boarder line COPD,which now is far more clear,several months later.its good

I had loads of mouth ulcers.headaches.depression 😒

but hopefully you can overcome and win your symptoms

as for falling have small have stoped smoking.(did smoking give us energy,we thought it did,but no it didn't)

try not to worry,don't overthink what may or may not be wrong 😒

you are doing good 😁

you will get better 😁

take care 😊

keep kicking 😆


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