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Approaching my year mark

Diddydelz1 Year Smoke Free

I went to the doctor to see if I had chostochondritis, I was prescribed Melixocam and it worked wonders. I also realized that quitting made me more anxious along the way. I wanted to let you know that the storm ends. I can’t be happier and neither can my lungs. My wife and I are expecting our little boy in a few weeks to be born and we just bought a puppy to go with it. Living smoke free has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Wishing everyone great success in there journeys and I am so excited as I’m only 21 days away from my year mark.

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Rjg45500 Days Smoke Free

We’re around the same time , 18th Aug will be 12 months for me.. that time last year wheeled into royal berkshire hospital with streptococcus pneumonia , bordering sepsis

Had been holidaying down in Cornwall , bodyboarding everyday with my 8yr old son...

thought I was coming down with a cold lol .. so carried on day to day and it got worse ...

Smoking was my weak point and low immunity which caused this infection to grab hold in my right lung .. it was horrible , painful and scared the crap out of me ..

25 /30 yrs I smoked , so cold turkey from that day and that’s that ..

And tbh , I’d probably still be smoking if I hadn’t got ill like that ..

I hate it with a vengeance now , everything about smoking and the smell is disgusting..

I’ll never go back ..more respect for my lungs now ..

well done and good luck to you and the arrival of your bundle of joy ..

sleepless nights beckoning 😎👍

helpmequit2 Years Smoke Free

Great achievement, I'm made up for you :-)

May I wish you, your wife and your little boy every happiness.


Great post and delighted you are going to be joining us in the penthouse very soon. Wishing you all the best with the birth of your son, exciting times ahead 👪


Whahey Diddydelz - 1 year smoke free!! Hope your baby son arrived into the world safely and healthy and the puppy is doing good?

Diddydelz1 Year Smoke Free
in reply to RoisinO1

I have reached my YEAR MARKKKK!!!!!!!!. He's yet to arrive but he's 8.5lbs already.Puppy is amazing thanks so much

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Be sure to let us know when he does arrive, exciting times ahead :)

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