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Eeeeep I’ve made it to day 33!

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So for my first 10 days of being smoke free I enjoyed journaling and this website to do it!! Somehow i started to return to work after being off because of COVID-19. Then I started to exercise more with my healthier lungs! I’ve achieved a new PR for a 5K of 28 mins and a few seconds!

I just wanted to write and say to anyone that needs to hear it - just keep going. The way I feel is incredible. IM more in control of my life now and I will never look back. Smoking is truly something I just ‘used to do’. You have to want it to succeed. I tried to quit for partners and family in the past and failed. I knew it was bad. The only difference this time is because I was making the choice for myself!

Take care everyone!

I’m sure I’ll pop on every now and again. Thank you to the people who cheered me

On and replied etc etc

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The best of luck to you! Stay strong

Yay!!! I've missed your updates and was hoping things were still going well! Your exercising is amazing, I'm nowhere near that level yet 😂.

Thank you BattyPatty92. I thought people might think ‘Ah she didn’t make it’ and be less motivated so had to update!

How are you doing with giving up?

I also managed to run (and walk some) a 10K on Thursday! I feel like my body is really healthy!!

Yeah that thought did cross my mind, as I think we are the same amount of days smoke free it's motivating to hear you're still going!

Mine has been very easy so far fortunately. Once every few weeks I've felt a bit groggy for a few days, but other than that I've had zero cravings so really pleased. I'm still on me patches (dropped down to the weakest level a week ago) so want to get off these more before I go down the exercising route (sweat makes my patches fall off 😂😭) but I've noticdd my tummy is a lot less bloated since quitting so that is good enough for me!

I'm never going to be a runner type of person - do you have any tips for exercising inside/how and what to try?

Since I can’t go to goodlife because of Cocid, I have signed up with FitBody Boot Camp, I get a personal coach and we meet on Zoom. I can do the exercise 3 or 4x per week at my convenience and they have yoga workout as well. It’s the cost of 2 pack of cigarettes per week $34.09 plus tax, i was smoking 4 packs a week not a havy smoker but very habitual one.

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Bonsoir Betty,

I am right behind you at 23 days and training for a 5km jog/walk.

I am actually amazed how much stuff I can buy for $18.00. Milk, candy, bread, and I also celebrated with my daughter and granddaughter her being off her intravaneous pic line and no more nurse visit with 3 Tom and Gerry ice cream for the price of a pack of cigarettes 😮

I am getting excited to become a non smoker.

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