Hi mi name is Madeline I'm a 23 years old I have 3 kids and I quit 2 weeks ago since I got a respiratory infection and well smoking made it worse so I just quit and haven't smoked no more..but I've been having anxiety, depression, and sometimes panick attacks ..I feel as I don't breath good then I worry about it till the point I think I'm gonna die..I lost interest in things and I barely want to leave my room. If it wasn't for my husband maybe I'll be crazy right now he helps me a lot but this is not easy for me I've always been a very happy outgoing person and now I'm scared of everything being a problem for my health ...I even worry bout anything happening to my kids for just a sneeze or a Lil cough they might get.I don't even sleep good cuz I feel IMA stop breathing ..I just want to know is this all normal to the withdrawal of nicotine ?

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  • Welcome Lashorty787 and congratulations on 2 weeks quit, well done! You so remind me of myself when I quit cold turkey 16 months ago - I woke up in the middle of the night gasping for breath, smoked half a cigarette at 3:05am and not one has touched my lips since.

    I promise, what you are feeling is perfectly normal especially after a health scare, I would say I had that anxiety and fear of not waking for the first 4 weeks of my quit. I would suggest vapourising before bed as it really helps with clearing out the lungs and your breathing. Bit of exercise too and lots of water, raw honey is also good for clearing out the lungs. A trip to a health food shop for herbal supplements for anxiety relief. Post anytime you need to, there is always someone around to help.

    Have a read of the pinned posts across the way of withdrawal symptoms too if not already done so and keep in touch :)

  • Thanx so much for ur advise and im going to try this things...is good to know that I'm not the only one!

  • hi Lashorty787

    Ive been there 3 kids all under 5,

    nappies for 5years

    so much running around

    but if you can stop smoking now you will be so much better for future.so much more fun.energy.money.it will all be good.

    take it from me.im 55 smoked for 40 years .

    I have 2 beautiful grandchildren but I wish id stoped earlier as I may have had more energy now.

    I do run around with them but I sometimes wonder what if.

    you can do this 😁

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

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