Champix...Day 2


Recently started my journey to a non smoker, I'm on day 2 of Champix and since this morning i have had the worst sickness feeling and it wont seem to shift :( I am currently taking one 5mg (i think) tablet a day until Friday when i will go onto 2 tablets, one in the morning and one in the evening. I do take the tablet with food/water but this hasn't seemed to help.

I'm dreading day 4 when i move onto 2 tablets

I have had a look at other posts relating to Champix but they all seem to be very old. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or inspirational words to


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  • Hello sara2503 and welcome.

    Well done on deciding to quit - a brilliant decision (even though it may not feel that way at the moment.

    Unfortunately I didn't use Champix but there are others on here who did and who are, who will be able to offer advice.

    Try to keep going. It is not easy but you can do it. If it turns out that Champix does not agree with you, perhaps pursue another method of NRT (I used an e-cig).

  • Hi Mushen,

    Thank you for your reply and advice.

    I will plough on through the sickness. I have tried other NRT's and they unfortunately didn't work for me. But I will keep going and will try to remain positive :)

    Thank you


  • hi sara2503

    its great you are here.

    I'm sorry,cant advice on champix.

    I do know you will get a reply from someone who has used it soon.

    you will get reply's later

    .(always wait.sometimes it like a bus you wait ages then 2-3 come at same time 😁

    you take care 😊

  • Thank you Thinlizzy.

    Everyone's so friendly and helpful here.

    Sara :)

  • your welcome 😊

    as I say were a sort of family here 😁

    hi BevJk .hope you are well.

    you all take care 😊

    all keep kicking 😎

  • Yeah I am doing ok, just started my diet as put on rather a lot! 😭

  • Welcome to our community and congrats on making the best decision of your life to quit. I have no experience in champix but know from others members here that experienced nausea taking it and a tip was taking the tablet with nothing only water and a dry piece of toast, allow it to settle for about 5 minutes and should not cause nausea if done this way exactly. Also, another tip from was peppermint - sweet, gum or oils can give relief...

    We look forward to seeing you in Day 1 of your quit soon - keep us up to date on how you are getting on.

    PS I am over 13 months quit cold turkey :)

  • Hi Roisin,

    Thank you very much for your advise. I will give the toast a try, at the moment i will try anything :) I will also try stocking up on the peppermint.

    Congrats 13 months cold turkey, that is amazing. :)

  • I stopped smoking using Champix and due to other side effects mainly brain fog I decided this time I only used 1/2 the dose, I found 1/2 a tablet twice a day worked for me, I done this for about 6 weeks and then done a couple of weeks on 1/2 tablet a day. It worked for me, maybe if you didn't want to half the dose like me you could try having 1/2 a tablet 4 times a day but definitely need to eat something 1st.

    Good luck with your quit. X x

  • Hi BevJK,

    That is a good idea. Today is day 3 of taking only 1 tablet as of tomorrow i am suppose to up the dose to 2 and to be honest i am a little terrified!

    I think I may try your advise and take 2 tablets but split them into 1/2 and take 4 times a day.

    So far sickness is the only sympton, I am still wanting to smoke my normal each day and im not feeling any different. Hoping once i start 2 tablets a day things will start improving.

    Thank you very much, fingers and toes crossed.

    Sara xx

  • Sara, sorry I didn't reply before I only saw your post now.

    I did the champix last year and like you I felt very sick with it.

    The trick is to not take it on an empty stomach and never take it with too much food or sugary food, therefore dry toast is the best option.

    Also sit down for 5 minutes and don't just get up and start walking. You can have breakfast half an hour later and eat whatever you want you won't be sick anymore.

    In regards to the dosage, I wouldn't advise you to do half in the morning and half in the evening, instead take one in the morning and none in the evening, this will stop the vivid dreams at night and proper rest is very powerful.

    Last and so important, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, it is extremely important to stay hydrated, it helps immensely to reduce the cravings and to get rid of the side effects of the champix.

    Champix is not a miracle pill but it works if you give it a chance. It's a way to get where you want to get.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi mmaya,

    Thank you very much for the advise. Over the last few days the sickness has started to improve, I still feel slightly sick but its not as near as bad as it was when i first started Champix. woohoo

    Not eating on an empty stomach definitely helped!

    Im hoping it will work, im on day 8 and honestly im not feeling any different. Ive been told by a friend (who quit with the help of Champix) not to put to much pressure on myself. But even on day 8 i havent cut down im still craving and having a cigarette still feels the same (Ive heard it starts to taste and feel horrid)

    Im hoping it works but currently im feeling a little disheartened that it isnt working :)

    Fingers and toes crossed.

    Thank you


  • Hi Sara, champix does work but you need to want to stop otherwise you'll be like my partner that kept taking the champix for 5 months and smoking because he was waiting for the miracle... There is no miracle. It takes a lot of the cravings away and makes the quit much easier definitely.

    It so works that after being quit for 9 months I found myself craving the cigarettes a lot and I started taking the champix again... The result was immediate, cravings gone.

    Once you set your date stick to it and stay strong, one bit of advice is to drink a lot of water and stay away from sugar and sugary snacks as they increase your cravings.

    Mostly believe in yourself, if I can do this you can too πŸ˜€ I smoked since the age of 12 and I'm now almost 41, a lot of smoke on my lungs!!!! Last year when I stopped I was extremely sick and it took me over 4 months to recover from it all caused by the cigarettes.... Take the first step, you can do it :)

  • Hi mmaya,

    I think that's what I'm confused with. I've not had much support from my GP so i didn't know what to do when i started taking them. When i friend advised me to continue smoking as normal i thought it odd but didnt have anyone to ask. My friend said that she just woke up on day and didnt want to smoke. I suppose I have been very naive in believing that. :(

    The instructions advised to select a stop date before the 2 week point so i have set my stop date as this Saturday 5th Nov. Im trying not to think about it which is probably the worst thing to do.

    Already on the water, trying to drink as much as i can :) Sugary snacks im gutted about haha my plan was to stick a chupa chup lolly in my mouth when i started getting the itch/craving.

    Wow well done, that is am amazing accomplishment.

    Fingers crossed come Saturday Ill be ready and raring to go :)

  • A lot of people make that mistake Sara, champix doesn't do the job alone, but it helps immensely.

    I used it a few years ago and I stopped on day 14. I relapsed that time because everything was going so easy that I managed to convince myself that it was all my doing not the champix at all, stopped the champix at 4 weeks relapsed within 2 weeks. Last year I stopped on day 4 because I was very determined to stop, I skipped the night pill and took the morning one only, I can't sleep properly with the night pill. I kept the champix for 16 weeks. I will definitely return to the champix if I notice I'm in danger of relapsing, I will do whatever it takes to stay away from this addiction, it's rotten!... Sara, once again, you can do it, just believe in yourself. One day you wake up and that day will be the day that you will have to learn to live your life without the crutch, we have all been hanging onto that crutch for too's all about taking the first step without it and then learn to walk again without it πŸ˜€

  • You do lose interest in the cigarettes eventually at around 4 weeks after taking the pill, you're supposed to stop smoking way before that.

  • Hi mmaya,

    Thank you that information has helped greatly. That's made me feel alot better about stopping. If only i had this type of advise to begin with, I might have felt more positive from the beginning but i wont linger on the past, just keep looking forward!

    From today i need to stop doubting myself and the Champix, with the Champix and my determination I can kick this nasty habit.

    Thank you so much for all you advice!! Its fab having this forum and having others in the same and similar situations to talk to :)


  • We all have been there Sara and have the same goal - to kick Mr Nico's butt permanently :)

  • Great! Let's get it done then πŸ˜€ look into what Roisin is telling you as well, the natural supplements. For now maybe cut off all stimulants to start with and introduce magnesium powder supplement to keep you calm. As the weeks go by, if you need it the natural supplements can be of a great help. Both myself and Hercu used the same supplements along the quit and I certainly recommend it.

  • Hey Sara, mmaya gave you great advice and experience there. Another member Hercu quit using champix too and used supplements. I created a pinned post of his valuable and inspirations quotes and progress on his journey, he will be soon a year and a half smoke free. Its a good read if you get a chance :)

  • Hi RoisinO1 & mmaya,

    Thank you both for all your help. I didn't realise supplements could helps so i will definitely read the pinned post this morning.

    I feel like a moaning mini so thank you for all your helps and for listening to my moaning :) Feeling quite ill today but feeling more positive, Ive managed to cut a few of my usual cigarettes so for, fingers crossed for the rest of the day :)


  • No problem, always here for you. Take advantage of the fact that you are sick and don't wait any longer, just stop all together, maybe it's a sign, that's what I did.

    Post as often as you need, and read a lot, knowledge is power.

  • Hi mmaya,

    My last post was removed due to its content. Sorry wasn't aware that I could not mention certain things on the forum.

    Feeling a little more positive today, I bought myself some vitamins which I am hoping will help with the cravings and I'm hoping they will help me feel less rubbish and run down. I'm finding myself in bed by 7/8pm the last few days as I just feel so pooped.

    Positivity is key, so I'm believing :)


  • Jaysus! I must start paying attention, I thought I read your post LOL ah well! No worries... Keep it going!

    I'm not usually around so pls don't take notice if I don't answer you next week but post as often as you need because there's always someone here for the rescue πŸ˜€

    hope you feel better soon.

  • Good to read you are more positive sara2503 - it sure is key in our quits and also to be around positive people too that can give you the support and encouragement you need.

    Quitting is by far the hardest thing we will ever do so be kind to yourself and look after yourself - YOU are only priority now. In a couple of weeks time you will be posting here how much better you are feeling and the more energy you have :)

  • Thanks RoisinO1.

    Tomorrow is my set stop date as per the Champix process, hopefully i will be posting here in a few weeks telling you all how amazing it feels but there may be a few 'help me' posts in between :)

    I can't thank you all enough for the support I've received.

    As always fingers and toes crossed!

  • Thats great that you have set your date sara2503. delighted for you :)

    Thats no problem at all, we have been in your Day 1 stage and will be here to help in whatever way we can. Post any time and as often as you need to.....wishing you strength for tomorrow and look forward to seeing your update :)

  • sara2503 Hey Sara, are you set for tomorrow? πŸ˜„

  • Hey mmaya. All set, other half has hidden or thrown any any smoking materials. Plan tomorrow is to stay busy busy


  • How are you getting on sara2503. Looking forward to your Day 1 post :)

  • All good thank you RoisinO1.

    I've not touched a naughty stick all day. Just a few more hours to go and day 1 will be over with.

    I will make a day one post tomorrow with details of how the day went and what helped me get through it.

    Sara :)

  • Ah thrilled for you sara2503, well done and congratulations :)

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