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Champix-no smokes day 4

Hi people, I am 46 and on about my 3rd quit attempt after thinking I had succeeded last year with hypno I lit up after 3 months. Lesson learnt and will have not one puff this time around. I have BRCA1 mutation and plastic surgeon will not go ahead with preventative surgery unless I am a non smoker. I had my preventative hysterectomy November last year and now the Champix are giving me extreme hot flushes but I wil push threw.

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When I read your post I was hoping he surgery and pain medications would help numb your nicotine withdrawals in the first 72 hours which are the toughest quit period. Did your surgeon know that you were taking champax prior and after surgery?

Sometimes the best time to quit WILLINGLY and not by force or willpower and without NRTs is to quit the day before or at midnight (if youre too addicted to nicotine to stop a week to 2 weeks prior) before surgery and continue your quit during and after surgery. The pain meds that they give you should help numb your nicotine cravings for the first 4 days following surgery as you will be groggy. And oxygen will be pumped through your nicotine free blood to help heal faster post surgery.


Huge welcome to our community Carolyn-135 and congratulations on day 4. I quit cold turkey but there are members here that quit using champix (if you click on the grey box with the word 'CHAMPIX' at the bottom of your post, all related posts on champix will come up).

I would say the hot flushes may be a side affect but may be check with your chemist.

I am so sorry to read of your illness and wishing you strength to push threw and that you have a full and speedy recovery.

When you can, let us know how you are getting on.....


Hello Carolyn-135 and welcome.

I too am 46 (well, almost) and am on quit attempt number 3 and failed the last time for exactly the same reason - I had one puff!

Stick with it. There are others on here that can give advice about Champix.

You can do this. Don't feel you are alone either, because you are not.

Keep posting.


Welcome! Yes I am also someone who had had a few quit attempts after thinking I can be in control of nicotine. Lesson learnt now.

Well done on getting to day 4. I don't have any experience with champix so not sure of the side effects. You'll find alot of support here and also information.

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