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Sleeplessness - day 16

SEG731 Year Smoke Free


So here I am on Day 16 of my quit and suddenly I am completely unable to sleep!! I've had 2.5 hours last night and 4 the night before - work is going to fun today ☹️. My teeth and gums are also super sensitive/sore which doesn't help!

I had hoped that these kind of symptoms would be better now. Any advice would be appreciated! From a quit point of view I was doing well - cravings much improved but I am starting to wonder is it worth it 😩

Thanks x

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Good to read an update from you SEG73 ,day 16 is great, well done! Have a read of all the pinned posts to the right of this page(gave you the link in a previous post ). Sleep disruption is one of the most common complaints and also the feeling of if worth it, you know the answer to this especially in your great profession of being a nurse. For your gums, visiting your dentist is advisable when we quit.

Knowledge is key so read up as much as you can, l promise it really does help to know what to expect and happens when we quit.

mushenValued Contributor

Yes it is absolutely worth it!

I think that having trouble sleeping is common.

Problems with teeth and gums are also common. Smoking masks dental problems so perhaps book a visit to your dentist.

Don't let any of this put you off. You are doing a really good thing and it will be worth it.

Keep going. ☺

Phobicmaniac2 Years Smoke Free in reply to mushen

Welcome SEG73 - I will be 2 years quit end of August - in the early stage sleep disruption lasted for the first couple of months and settled down.

Definitely make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as you can, I left it and now likely have to get alot of work done - should have went as soon as I quit :(

Dp3381 Year Smoke Free

It's all worth it to be done with cigarettes it took a long time for all the addiction from nicotine the 4000 cemicals to get its grips on you your life it will pass and more withdrawal symtems will come and then the freedom will come and it's so great to not need a cigarette after 40 plus years 16 days wow it's a long way from your last smoke give it one day at a time You got this you don't smoke

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Dp338

Hey Dp338 - good to hear from you, not long now until you join us in the penthouse!!

Exfirecracker9 Months Smoke Free

Unfortunately sleep disruption is very common withdrawal from quitting - try going to be when switched off from everything about an hour before bed, listening to music or read for a while, avoid caffeine from after 6:00 and heavy food... it will improve, hang in there :)

SEG731 Year Smoke Free

Thank you everyone!

I have been having warm milk and some meditation podcasts which seems to help. Really looking forward to our holiday in 11 days (not that I am counting) although I might stay teetotal 😬

I am so determined this time - I can't believe I am now on Day 18 - nearly 3 weeks!! I find the postings on here so helpful, especially that I am not alone and all that I am feeling is not unusual.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to SEG73

Good to read things have improved SEG73 and well done on 18 days, next big milestone for you will 1 month which will be when on holidays, what a great achievement to have your first smoke free holiday 8-)

Keep in touch to let us know how you are getting on or have any struggles...

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