Newbie here! Quit date 1st Aug

Hi everyone!

Just thought I would say hello as now preparing to quit on 1st Aug.

I am 53 years old and have smoked for 41 years up to 30 a day!

I have quit a few times in the past but seem to relapse after about 6 months. I am taking champix for as long as I can stand the brain fog with my job as they do help. I have also got Allen carrs book and hypnotism on my I pad!

All systems go now! Just waiting for the day!

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  • Great!!! You are prepared.

  • hello. BevJk

    welcome to our little family.

    you sound ready and well prepared for your stop.excellent

    you've made a fantastic choice to stop...

    you will find lot of advice and information here.

    you caught us on a bad month

    several of us have had a fall.but were all back in this .together 😆

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Hello. Good to have you here. I am 45 and have smoked for about 30 years. Having just relapsed (again) through my own stupidity, I am back trying again. Quitting can feel quite isolating at times and this group is worth it's weight in gold.

    Good luck. Come here if things get tricky.🙄

  • 😎😎😎

    love the reply mushen

  • Hi BevJk , welcome to this great forum

    My name is Jenny, I'm 50 and was smoking 40 a day for 35 years. I have attempted to give up numerous times before. I too read Allen Carrs book and went and had hypnotherapy. I have a relaxation hypnotism on my iPad that I try to listen to when going to bed or just stressed. I swear by it and the good thing is it only cost me $5. Good luck and I look forward to reading your posts.


  • Thanks for the friendly welcome, catch you all soon! X x x

  • Welcome Bev...You seems well prepared and ready...Champix helped me to stop after smoking 38 years... I am nearing 60 and smoked up to 60 per day... Now clean for almost 14 months.. Please keep us informed on your progress.. we are here for you !!

  • Good luck Bev. I was using champix too (just stopped taking it due to feeling sick). Look forward to reading your updates. Champix is fab for getting through those early weeks.

    Best wishes xx

  • Welcome!

  • Huge welcome BevJk, great introductionary post. You seem to be well prepared. If not already done so, have a read of the Pinned posts to the rights of this page.

    Look forward to seeing you in Day 1 very soon :)

  • BevJk , congratulations on making a quit date. Your well prepared and this is your quit!! Strength💪

  • Hey BevJk, wishing you strength for the best beginning of a journey you will ever make tomorrow. We will be all here for you, post as often as you need to.... :)

  • Best of luck for tomorrow. Don't worry about it, it is going to be OK.

    Go for it!

    Thinking of you.. if you need help, ask. Don't forget you can do an SOS post (see pinned posts), which is a brilliant idea if things get tough (thanks to Roisin01).

    You can absolutely do this. 🤗

  • Thanks mushen. X x

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