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Start of another quit - but this time my last

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FordyP3 Years Smoke Free
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So this is my first post this time round. I am coming to the end of Day 3 of my quit. I have tried to quit before - most recently last summer when I was also on this site. Stupidly I have gone back to it each time but this time I really do want to make it my last quit. I know that it is hard and that the support that you get from this site can really help get through the difficult times. So even though I am embarrassed to admit that I failed last time I was on here I have come back to look for your help again. As ever the early days are proving hard and today particularly so for some reason - but I am going away with the family this weekend for a weeks skiing so I am just trying to count off the days until then

7 Replies

Don't worry Fordy, you are not the only one to have failed (including me). Keep strong and positive and have something else to do in times of weakness. Always try and convince yourself that this is the right thing to do. Enjoy the Skiing as a non-smoker!

I have been trying for a few years and have gone 18 months before now before smoking again, but after a while smoking I always want to try and give up again. Hopefully the will to give up will become much stronger than the will to smoke this time.

I'm only on Day 1, but as the day has progressed, the will has become stronger, it was very difficult this morning.

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FordyP3 Years Smoke Free in reply to

Thanks Woody. I know what you mean about always wanting to give up again - even when I was smoking I always had an overbearing sense of guilt and an underlying desire to stop. For me the two biggest difficulties are 1) getting through the early days when it is just physically and mentally hard and 2) thinking that after a few months I can "manage just one" - almost as a reward. That is not going to happen this time!

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Tracey31 Year Smoke Free

Hey, no worries about the past, for many, we have quit several times (including me) great to have you with us, in my book that's a great start.

Look forward to your up dates struggling or feeling on top of the world, let's make this the quit that counts .

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Huge welcome FordyP and well done on Day 3, nicotine out of  your system by tomorrow and as you know the real battle starts then, you are in a good mindset and the ski trip will do you the world of good....

You know what you have to do, embrace it and post as much as you need to here, looking forward to reading your progress...

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Abuelajeannie3 Years Smoke Free

Welcome back and please don't be embarrassed you are not the only one who has quit and started again.  At least you know the dangers of just one cig.  Enjoy your holiday and come back committed to this final quit

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NozmoValued Contributor

Hello Fordy, welcome to the forum. How's it going on day four?

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Ruthess289 Months Smoke Free

Hey Fordy, keep up the good work. You are absolutely not alone in needing a few goes at quitting smoking. I have lost count of how many times I've tried!  I don't know what's drawn you back in previously but for me it's when life has been tough. I now realise it was me that got me through it, not the cigarettes - it's worth remembering because we're so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Enjoy your holiday!! :)

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