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Hi everyone

I haven't written a post for awhile even though I normally everyday or if not second day pop my head in to see how you all are going. It was 10 weeks for me last Tuesday and after reading a few articles it now makes sense why I have woken up this morning with the most wickedest urge to light up a cigarette. It wasn't just in my head it was all the way down to the pit of my stomach. I really didn't see this one coming and it hurt. I felt like I was back in the first stages of giving up. Not enjoying this stage at all. I will fight through this as I refuse to let that nicotine demon have anything , I have worked to hard to give in now.


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  • Trem...Yes. it is a continuous fight but with your lovely positive attitude you are in it to win it !!!...Congratulations on ten weeks and wishing you lots of weeks and years smoke free...!!!

  • 10 weeks quit? Congratulations! Your totally right, you've come too far to give up now but yes you will be tested as you approach the 3 month mark. Hold on tight, go back to basics and protect your quit. You are so close to turning the corner now and things will become easier. Your doing great and have a great attitude to this quitting lark - I for one believe you will do this!

  • Sounds like another case of the Blahs Trem..there's a lot of it about! You know these come along now and you're prepared for them so I have every faith in you pushing through it.

    I had a HUGE explosive craving last night, which came out of nowhere - gave me a bit of a shock. I would give it an 8 on your craving scale. We still get them, but we can deal with them a lot easier.

  • Were you doing anything in particular Nozmo for that big crave to come on?

  • Thanks guys for believing in me and telling me. Oh miscy I hope that corner isn't too far away. I would put my crave this morning at around 9 to 9 1/2. That nicotine demon just doesn't want to let go. I'm grateful I read about the Blahs as it makes sense about the past and warns me of the future. I tell you I don't think I would of come this far without the support from this group and for that I thank you all


  • Yes like everyone says most of us go through these unexpected urges, they are nasty but you can and will get through them, stay positive

  • Hey Jenny, so sorry for only getting back to you now, oh my god, I am just home from the pub all day session for the football, it was so tough not to smoke, the smell made me sick as it blew into the pub, the smell of smokers coming back in, revolting, but I still had the urge for one puff, after all Ireland had lost, out in the marquee, everyone smoking away, yeah, a puff, ' I don't think so!' I'm home now, I survived it. I so believe it is in the mindset, I never want a cigarette to touch my lips and it won't...

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