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25 days smoke free!!! But cravings back after stopping champix! Help

As title says I'm now 25 days without smoking I slipped up in the beginning and recounted ! Now I've stopped champix due to side effects (made me not care about anything at all) well now I'm 48hours champix free and all that's going though my head is smoking I all the last 25 days I've had no problems and now I'm struggling :( advice welcome and needed

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Hi Lauramaccuish01 i am so sorry to hear that you are struggling. I am trying my quit cold turkey so no advice with regards to Champix BUT I have been smoke free for 20 days now and I can tell you..I wish I was at 25 days! So just remember, you have made it this far and it's just not worth going back to square one. Try to hang on for another day and I am sure tomorrow you will feel better and super proud of yourself too for resisting!


Laura..Think you left the Champix a bit to soon...I doubt it to be the Champix that made you don't care..It is one of the symptoms of quitting..what method however...Yes, champix does not work for all but has been a very good help for me and touching on 2 years smoke free.

Star-Girl said it; Remember the struggle so far and it is not worth going back...I always say I will never smoke again because I do not want to go through this hell again...


Hi Laura, I used champix and was having some side effects so I reduced the dose to one in the morning and then every other day, it def helped and now I haven't taken a tablet in weeks and I am heading onto 90 days smoke free - as for the not caring about anything at all, I have been feeling like that, so maybe Hercu is right it could be another symptom of quitting- good luck

Rosie xx


hi Lauramaccuish01

you've done well 😁

you have passed the first few steps ,😁

you gotta be strong,you can do this ,😁

take care 😊

keep kicking 😎


Hi Laura. I had nausea with the morning champix, so after about 3 weeks I just took the evening dose. Last week I reduced the evening dose to half a tablet. Haven't noticed any cravings sneaking back in.

Maybe talk to your doctor or practice nurse? I felt like crawling into a hole the first few weeks of my quit. It passed and now I feel better than I've felt in years. Hang in there, it will get better.


How is things Lauramaccuish01 - any improvement, are you back on the champix?


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