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Major tough day

runmeg3 Years Smoke Free

Its day 85 and its been a day from hell - no reason at all, today was lime yesterday and the day before but I hit the wall full on in the middle of Asda practically screaming for a cig - the husband stopped dead and refused to move the trolley any further until in his words ' snap out of it lady or we are going straight home' 

Felt like a child getting told off

I Could still smoke a cig ( and vomit ) but there is no reason i should feel like this today

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Hey Runmeg, Day 85, wow, time is just flying by. Well Done!

I am currently working on a post I have pinned of Hercu's (long term member here) quit journey with his inspirational quotes and analogies,   he will be 1 year smoke free next month, have a look at it, think I am as far as month 5, it is perfectly normal to go through these rough periods, hang in there....


hi runmeg 

so funny.snap out of it lady.

But more seriously.ive had minutes like just gotta get past them.

you know you can do it.😆

you take care 😊


NozmoValued Contributor

ASDA has that effect on me as well runmeg!

They just seem to come out with of nowhere, for no reason and it's awful when it happens. Glad you managed to stave it off and hope tomorrow is better for you.

Tracey31 Year Smoke Free

It's a very strange place is asda,  many a rant, and dare I say swear words are to be heard in asda, so that's ok, for sure I'm taking it at least for now your not banned.

My little black book has just opened a page with your name on, it's saying if you need to have a little melt down that's just fine, because you have just kept going, unfortunate it was in asda, would have been quite spectacular if indeed it was waitrose don't you think.?

Quite honestly, I so enjoy the entertainment when out,  if a couple are having a few words., If only to make me feel better, in the realisation it's not just me who has a moment or two, when out doors .

Us grown ups are allowed to have a little do now and again. So hoping tomorrow is a better day.

You held tight,  you have not smoked. That's all that matters.


RoisinO1Administrator in reply to Tracey3

Great post Tracey, so perfectly written!

Tracey31 Year Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Corner shop triumph, brought a smile to my face

Joe22 Years Smoke Free

Good job on getting 85 days runmeg😆i had the same thing in london last week lost in traffic shouting and swearing but im laughing about it now.tomorrows another day.

FordyP3 Years Smoke Free

RunMeg you are doing incredibly well. Anyone can have a meltdown in Asda - practically compulsory. Hope things are better tomorrow. It was a real achievement to stay strong. I suspect that my wife has been very close to telling me to snap out of it on many occasions (even before I began my quit!)

runmeg3 Years Smoke Free

Oh god you guys really do cheer me up and spur me on - next meltdown I may try Waitrose or Marks  and Spencer lol

Bring on tomorrow

Cant wait while hubby tries to quit again - ' Calm down Mister, be a man '

Empresschocky2 Years Smoke Free

WOW 58 days you are an inspiration for me. 

A very wise person said to me once "I'm a smoker but I'm not having one today" I asked her when did you last have a cigarette and she said 5 years ago. She said saying that every time she felt like a cigarette saying those few words  got her through. Well that's what I do now.... say those few words in my head or out loud if no one around .. It helps

Well done for resisting I am proud of you🤗  You're a 🌟


How are you runmeg after your ASDA ordeal, hopefully back to yourself?

runmeg3 Years Smoke Free

Hi back to normal apart from nosebleeds and eating enough for 5 people hahaha

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